Thursday, May 21, 2015

Thursday, meeting the quota

No spend.  Porkchops, salad for dinner.  Salad from the garden! Green beans from the storage.  Have no idea what we will have tonight.  Don't care either.

     Was able to get Mary and Bert's costume done yesterday.  They looked great.  I also was very frustrated with the money situation at the studio and finally figured out when I had three phone calls from parents who really never pay late that they had left the checks the end of April.  I was able to deduce last night that all of these late payments had to have been picked up on a Wednesday.  Sure enough this was a day I was driving frantically to Mother's.  Could I have pulled them from the box and left them some where?  Were they in my purse and my brother got access to them?  He could have done nothing with them but make my life harder by taking them and tossing them.  I was just at a stand still.

     So when I came home from the studio I was really frustrated with a parent and started to clean.  I clean when I am angry.  I organized my desk area as I have to pay bills anyway.  There right in plain sight was a stack of checks.  They were not on the desk but up in the window sill.  I had to have put them there before I left for mothers.  Now I am the idiot and I have to call everyone and apologize.  I still have people owing but it is a lot less.  I feel so relieved.  Was not sure how to proceed with the bills.

     After I found the checks and called everyone, I had to get my daily shop quota done.  My ballet Mistress does not understand this.  Why I insist on doing shop work when I have so many other show things to do.  Well first of all it pays the bills, the studio doesn't and if I don't do a certain amount a day I will get so behind.  My reputation is based on production.

     I have a so many errand's to run today that will take me out of the shop and that is a frustration.  I might be able to send Ballet M for some of them. I also have a girl friend coming to help me with costumes so that is a blessing.

     Gotta go I have a quota to meet!

Have a great and productive day.



  1. good that at least they had paid, bad you had put them in a "safe" place! Hope today was a productive day for you as well.

  2. no its not good when your less than organised and take it out on others you need to get your life and issues under control and stop complaining

  3. Maybe have a little compassion, anonymous? Sounds like she's under a lot of stress...and she DID apologize to those she took it out on. What more do you want. Can you tell blog trolls annoy me:p

  4. Wow! I almost didn't read the comments. Glad I did. Sometimes even our best efforts to be organized are thwarted by things beyond our control. I know from recent personal experience, when you get the panicky phone call from a parent you drop everything wherever it is and go as fast as possible to help.

    Glad you found those checks!

  5. So glad you found the checks! Sorry you are dealing with all this stress. And please don't let anonymous bother you...He or she has nothing better to do than berate others. Hope you have a great weekend!

  6. violinista i have had compassion but once she has caused stress to the clients its her own doing sorry not going to be her rare team she was late 50's sorry she needs to grow up

  7. and Violinista not a troll read her blog for a long time she has been in this mess for a long time