Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Wednesday, I am a creative slob.

$106.13 soda, cheese, lunch meat, cereal, flour,medicine,hair dye,marked down flowers.  Dinner left over chicken legs, salad.  Tonight pork chops that were marked down.

     You know that shop I stopped and cleaned up well it is a disaster!  We have a photo shoot tonight and I created the Jolly Holiday Dress for Mary last night.  The shop took a hit.  When I create I throw and get really sloppy.  Now I have to finish this morning and get Burt's coat done.  I also have sewing for the shop to do.  But I can hardly kick through the place so I will have to clean again.  Dang.  I can't stand the chaos.

     I know I could be neater , it is just that neatness slows me down.  I have never figured out if it actually saves time to be neater.  I know it does in general house work.  Guess I need to study that.  Not today!  I am creating today.  Leave me alone and if you need me I am under a pile of scraps somewhere....

Have a great and productive day!



  1. I think creative people are "messy" by nature. Gi create...just don't forget to clean up right after!

  2. I will show my pile of craziness tomorrow - I will take a picture! Creativity breeds clutter!

  3. I can't be neat and creative, whether it is an art thing or cooking. If I sewed well it would be in chaos also, until everything was finished. Then I blitz things and put them away. Taking the time to clean as I go seems to alter my "path" and it is not a "for the better" alteration

  4. you should take a photo of your shop, would love to see it.