Thursday, May 28, 2015

Thursday, how to get rid of the blues....

Leftovers again!  Okay so we had too much food!

     Recipe for getting rid of the blues.

Pick up one fat 5 month old baby.  The fatter the better.
Bounce baby and play peek a boo
Do this for 1/2 hour or for as long as the bay will play peek a boo.
Note:  baby will never tire.

Next hold very close one triple jointed , squirming little girl.  About 6-7 years of age will do.  It is better if her mother has just told her to leave you alone you are busy.  Because the child will quickly worm in for a hug and then hang between your knees. She will have soft hair that smells like jasmine and she will pour forth her unconditional excitement and love at seeing you.  Snuggle for about 1/2 hour while you should be doing something else.


This is a busy hectic day and it will spell how tomorrow goes.  I still have 7 hats to finish and a coat to alter for show.  I also have a pile of things for the shop.  Right now mom is getting ready to go with me to wal-mart for last minute things.  I need to make a list.  I did not get bills paid last night but I did print out all that I needed to get it done.  Avoidance is my friend.

    House keeper came yesterday and house looks good.  I must dust and vacuum the family room. All bedrooms will be full after Saturday night as company is coming for the show.  Hub's and I will sleep on cots and our room and bath will go to older relatives.  Our renter is going to her father's for the night so her room and bath can go to the other couple.  Hub's and I can share mom's bathroom.  Normally these people would stay with my cousin and wife but with the miscarriage it is just not good timing.  Mom is making a desert for after the show and we will get up and have a big breakfast then off we go.

Flats to move this afternoon and flooring and set pieces.  Everything needs to be set tonight to make tomorrow easy.  Blah  Like tomorrow will be easy...... Just keep believing that kim, just keep believing

Have a great and productive day!