Monday, June 8, 2015

Monday, Let's start summer!

     I have no idea what I will cook.  I know I will do salad and asparagus.  Hub's will want some meat so I had better start to forage.  I think I will do salmon portions.  The garden is producing salad like crazy.

     I am so excited about summer.  I just feel so good not having the studio hanging over me.  Well it still is as I have to figure out how to pay the bills, but I am concentrating on getting the non profit and board busy this month.  That is my #1 goal.  The workshop we are sponsoring right now will pay for this months rent and a few odd bills I forgot about at the recital.  I am planning on having a huge rummage sale at the end of the month at the studio, hopefully will make enough to pay July.  We used to have incredible sales with my drill team years ago.  Trying to be positive.  Negative Nellie never gets anything done.  But she lives inside me and rears her ugly head every once in a while.

     I have to pay bills and do my accounts this morning and then I will update my totals.  If Sarah does not get on the stick I will soon pass her.  I am throwing out the gauntlet probably not a good idea as she is tricky.
I have a few more snow flakes to put towards the car and then have to figure out where to get house payment money.  Robbing a bank is not an option.   I swear life is bills. There is a lot to do in the shop and I have had 4 customers here already this morning so more coming in all the time.  I need to work!

     Out My Window:  I want to get some weeding and cleaning done this evening around the yard.  If I can get the garden area done and trim back all the ivy, then get all the cuttings picked up and plant the rest of the impatiens I will be happy.  We will see.

Tomorrow I start to write again!

Have a great and productive day, I know I will.


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  1. fingers crossed it all comes together. Though I think you are one of those people who work the best when under pressure?