Monday, June 15, 2015

Monday, my 3rd week of summer!

      It was a beautiful weekend.  Hot and a little breezy.  I have officially finished the back yard.  Of course it will need upkeep and I have to give the deck a second coat of paint in spots but everything looks so nice. Tonight we will have salad from the garden, fried string beans from garden and parboiled sprouts baked in olive oil for dinner.  With left over steak.  Then we will either bike or take a walk. 

     I must take hub's bike in for a tune up sometime today.  So I think we will be walking.

     Hub's is doing so well on his diet.  It is so weird to see him portion control and avoid carbs.  To actually read the calorie content on his dressing and be careful about food.  He is rather a glutton and will just continue to eat.  He actually stops himself and save part of his steak for the next day.  He has dieted and lost weight before but he was never sent to a nutritionist before.  It is like her word is gold.  I love it!  Even though he is hungry he isn't taking it out on me like it is my fault.  It is so nice not being the diet monster.

     Hub's and I worked in the back yard on Saturday and then took a big load to the dump/ land fill.  We did a little garden shopping but could find nothing we needed.  I will be picking string beans today and salad.  Then I will water before I hit the shop.

     I also must pay the house payment today but don't have quite enough.  I will have to borrow from saving and then return the money.  It is always" robbing Peter to pay Paul here and Paul is broke "as my mother would say.

     Hub's and I took a long bike ride on Saturday and it was so nice, but his bike is having problems so he has it loaded in the back of the truck and I will take it down to the shop when I go to pay the house payment. Sunday evening we took a long walk on the levee it was so nice.  Then he went to quartet practice and I practiced the piano for an hour.  I also was able to get a mass mailing on the Dance Studio's yard sale out and contact board members for the meeting Thursday evening.  So with that not hanging over my head I feel pretty free as long as enough money comes into pay the bills.

     The shop is full and I have two wedding dresses and more coming in.  Also bridesmaid dresses and lots of other things to do.  I will be busy today.  Between ironing, doing laundry, beds, sweeping, shop work and garden I should have little time to sit on my behind.

Out My Window:  Beautiful day.  The front yard flower beds need weeded desperately and cut back.  Hub's also needs to mix up a spray to help me out front keep the weeds down in the street and driveway.  He was supposed to do that Saturday but the day got away from us.  My goal this week is to get the front done.  It is not nearly as much work as the back.

Have a great and productive day.



  1. things don't sound quite as hectic as they usually do, which is good.

  2. That sounds like a lovely day/days. My daughter did some weeding today so it looks a bit spiffier outside our place, but we were gone running all weekend, and too late to get the grass mowed on Sunday night so I guess that will be delayed and our yard will become a hayfield.