Saturday, June 13, 2015

Saturday, Beautiful day!

 Took hub's out for pizza.  Groceries, 112.15, Gas 37.49

     It is so nice out.  I am in my jammies and I am going to get dresses, brush my teeth and hit the backyard
in broad daylight!  I am so excited.  I am not going to sew or do house work.  I am going to play outside in the sunshine.  I may take a bike ride later.  I may sip a soda on the deck.  Just a day to do whatever I want.  Yippee!  How often does this happen?

     I am not going to stress about bills, or the studio or what needs to be done I am just going o do what I want.  Did I say I was going to do his in the sunshine?  Did I say that?  I sure did!

Have a great and Sun Shiny day and it doesn't have to be productive although I am sure mine will be in some way.


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  1. Hope your sunny day was all you hoped it would be!