Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Tuesday, I don't want to say it is hot....

 Groceries, $85.16  Dinner tonight will be burgers, salad, corn on grill.  

     Hub's is down another 2 lb's, it is so hard for him to lose weight.  Having dinner waiting for him when he gets in is the best thing I can do.  He is ravenous. I am thinking by the end of summer he will be under 200 if he keeps working like he has been.  I will be a rake with clothes on if I can stay away from chocolate.  Okay that is not going to happen.

  I am behind on the laundry, so that is a burden for today and I have ironing up the wahzoo.  I need to switch my clothes around between closets.  Summer clothes for winter.  Right now everything is a mess.  This is where I get rid of things I did not wear or am not going to wear.  Hub's pants need to be gone through also.  Right now he has his new pants in a pile on the floor by his dresser.  Men.

     There is a ton of sewing to do in the shop and I had a great deal of small easy things come in yesterday.  I hope today is as busy.  I have $ 80.00 toward house. Now I need that times 10 to get through the weekend.

     Updated my totals and I was not really impressed.  Travel back and forth to mother's, studio sewing, B's college class have all taken my money.  It is frustrating, I just remind myself that it is not forever.

     Out My Window:  HOT, like record breaking HOT!  101 yesterday.  Of course I loved it!  Waited until after dinner to work in the yard.  I did get impatiens planted and Ivy trimmed.  Was able to get hub's to help me nail up some flower boxes for me.  Pond plants are in for the year.  I did some more trimming, but I have a real mess to clean up in the back.  Will work on it tonight.

Have a great and productive day!