Friday, May 19, 2017

Friday, gorgeous weather

My oh my yesterday was beautiful.  I did not stay in the shop although  I should have.  I will stay in today at least until I have several things done.

I was able to play in the yard.  I call it playing now but later in the summer when it is 100 degrees it might not be so fun.  Oh 100 degrees will it ever happen?

I laid 12 bags of bark, planted 12 hosta transplants, then wave petunias and mari golds.  We need to get more mari golds.  I thought I had purchased enough but I had not.  Our sprinkler system is not turned on yet as it has been such a wet fall and the company is behind.  So then I had to hand water every thing I planted.  I also hoed the garden and cleaned up many bags of mess.  I still have one bag to take down to the curb.  I just ran out of energy.

Hubs and I walked the bridges last night and it was so great.  The honey suckle is in bloom and smelled so sweet.  The baby ducklings are out with their parents and are cuter than ever.  There is always one that is way ahead of the group and then realizes it and practically runs on top of the water to get back to mom.  Dad is always out in the distance herding the lot.

Hubs just came to me to have a button sewed on a shirt.  The nerve does he think I can do that?

I will be making another large smack at my Quick lock loan this weekend so stay tuned.

Tomorrow is an all day rehearsal.  Blah.....

Have a great and productive day!



  1. When we have 100 degree weather, it will be dry and comfortable. I'm glad you got to play in the yard! my Hostas should be about three feet wide by now, but the are stunted and are only about 9 inches across.

    1. I love hostas they are one of my favorite shade plants.

  2. Nothing like keeping us in suspense!

    1. Okay you are the first to know. Drum roll please. I made a 575.00 payment on the Quick lock loan, so the balance is 1,444.44
      I think if I keep up the hard work I can have it paid off by June 15th. Then onto the next bill.

  3. Way to go on the quick lock loan!