Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Tuesday, well I tried

     I tried to have a nice Holiday weekend and for the most part it was.  We accomplished what we wanted with a few adventures flung in at the end.  You never know what life is going to toss at you.

     I felt pretty good Thursday after two nights of fever and chills, maybe a slight cold but nothing that slowed me down.  It was my first evening without dance that week so I tried to make the best of it.  I sewed what I needed to and then detailed all three cars and Hubs took them down to wash.  Cleaning cars is like making piecrusts, messy and work so why not get it over with as in make 8 crusts and get all cars done.  The crap is all out so do it.  I swear Hubs pick-up had not been deep cleaned since we bought it.  I had hubs go down and buy new seat covers and mats for my Forester.  It looks great almost new.

     We packed to go and left at about 9 the next morning.  I was feeling fine.  We were about 11 miles out of town and Hubs realized he had forgotten his hearing aids so we turned around, out of town by about 10.  I slept most of the way and only drove that last hour.  Mom and dad were excited to see us.  We had a few hours of tension as D#1 was on call and she had a bad murder so could not leave town and was tied up at the police station until 2 in the morning with search warrant mess. Finally got home and was able to get out the next morning.  It was fun to see the boys.  The baby is walking and huge!  Reminds me of baby Huey, big and still a baby.  We took mom and dad and mom's sister and her husband in our two cars.  Mom's sisters husband has really bad dementia and can't talk any more.

     The party was wonderful.  Each of the 9 living children gave a tribute to there parents.  It was heart warming to see such a large and incredible family all together.  Great to see cousins we had not seen in years.  While at the party I got a text from Lil sis that mom was in the hospital.  Great!  She had passed out and they could not revive her so she was taken by ambulance and they were waiting to see a doctor at the hospital.  Later she called to say she was taking mom home.  Too much sun and she had a slight concussion.

     Sunday we had planned on having a nice dinner with mom and dad and aunt and uncle and we did but mom got on my last nerve that morning and I told Hub's I wanted to get home that night.  We had planned on taking the 4 oldies out to the Wieser Cemetery for the day.  Daughter and boys were leaving and I just could not handle one more morning of mom's stress about what I eat or don't eat.  Usually I can handle these things well but I was just so... SO....I don't know.

     So we informed the parents and they were disappointed but understood with mom's fall.  On the way home I developed a very sore throat and my ear started to hurt like hell.  Up and down three mountain passes did not help.  So miserable and sick after 5 hours of driving.  Stopped to check on mom.  She was in bed and weak, so I stayed with her until she fell asleep and told Sis I would come get her in the morning but I would need to go to the doc in the box. We then got to spend about an hour with our other grandson, who is also walking and much more lively that his cousin.  Both are so much fun.  I had a miserable night and was at the clinic the next morning.  Had an ear infection as eustation tube was blocked and bacteria had built up behind ear drum, infection was spreading.  Also sinuses were packed so I am on an  antibiotic which I was not able to get until about 3 in the afternoon.  I picked up mom and took her home to bed.  Made her a jumbo shrimp salad and corn on the cob.  Also knocked together a lemon meringue pie with the last of the California lemons.  All while I was getting sicker and sicker.

     Finally went for antibiotic told Hub's not to walk so fast in the store, He whipped his head around and said "I am taking you home!"  I never tell anyone especially him to slow down I am always racing way ahead.

     So mom and I lazed around the rest of the evening.  I could not sleep again, and after 2 doses of antibiotic my sinuses are draining like crazy.  So quite a backed up infection brewing.  It even went to my hip bone on my left side and I am limping but much better today.  Mom is better today also.  I think we are on the mend.

     I need to shower the mother and make her some breakfast, then I have to patch pants today before I go to teach one on my final classes.

Have a great and productive day.



  1. Ok, I have decided you are NOT getting sick while I am there.....and that's final. ;-)
    I hope you truly are on the mend and no more infections missy!

  2. Hope you get to feeling better soon! On a side note, is there ever a "good" murder?

    1. Well according to daughter there can be good murder, you need to see the people she deals with and you would understand.

  3. I went to ENT about my continual puny feeling, fever, and antibiotics. Now, I have made a plan to get all allergy stuff in me, including stuff for chest. My plan is to never have the ear infections again, EVER. Your weekend was nice but certainly disastrous in places. I am so glad you are finally going to get better. How can ear infection go to your hip? I am glad your mother was hurt no worse than she was and you got to play with babies!

    1. With RA infections can travel by blood stream to a joint and inflame it. this has happened to me many times. Weird I know. But that symptom is completely gone now that I am on meds.