Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Wednesday, Interruptions make life......

     Yesterday was crazy and non productive, mostly due to interruptions and my ability to stay focused while being interrupted.   So today I really need to get busy. 

     Mom decided to make banana bread for some friends and so I made sure to put out all of her ingredients.   As I was doing this I went to set the stove and looked at it and I noticed tomato soup had spilled all down the front.  Thanks mom, mom does not see well enough to clean anything thoroughly, so I went to wipe it down and it was between the two glass fronts.  I was furious.  Here I have this beautiful brand new to me kitchen and mom has already done so much damage to it with her sloppiness.  Hub's came in and took the front apart and I had to wedge my hand down in side but I did get it cleaned out and also cut myself on the glass edge. I know I am being bitchy, but this is a constant dilemma and I just can't keep up.  Just let me whine and be ungrateful for a minute.  Okay over that.

     We did not have any margarine so I ran to the store for that and back.  Mom needed me to put bread in oven, then go check on it three times, and take it out.  So running up and down the stairs every ten minutes.  I did take the time to set out hostas to transplant in the front and then it started to rain. So they are still in pots in their places and as it is still raining they will stay there a while.

     I had an intern come in needing costume help , so that was off and on questions, which is fine it just takes time.

     I finally was able to start hemming a bridesmaid dress that I had cut to hem earlier in the day and I was planning all the things that I was going to get done before I left for the dance studio and mom comes in and asks me when I am leaving.  I said about 3:30,  I looked up and it was 3:00!  What?  Who stole my day?

     Once I got to the studio, I did make progress with the kids.  We have a big Saturday rehearsal this weekend and it will be your typical first large rehearsal disaster.  I am ready, I am not ready, I am ready to see how not ready I am.  Print that on a t-shirt.

     When I got home from the studio I crashed.  Just could not convince myself to go back in the shop after 4.5 hours of teaching.

     Today I must get something done.  I must.  Hoping to report better results tomorrow!

Have a great and productive day!



  1. I didn't even know you could spill anything between the pieces of glass! That must have been one big spill. Speaking of stoves, I am stilled bummed that I cannot get the stove door off. Until the last stove, doors were meant to come off. You need to be cloned twice--one to sew, one to go outdoors, and one to mind your mother.

    1. You know I already have a clone an identical twin I cry to her every day. She is the best sister ever. But too far away.

  2. Sorry if I am giggling, but your life is so familiar. Well except for the sewing part!

    1. I know I am so glad I have you to entertain. We need to write a book. The adventures of Anne and Kim.