Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Wednesday, I am off a day ....

     Hey, today is Wednesday if any of you don't know.  I thought I would inform you as Monday was a Holiday and your week may need a jog in it's thinking.  That thinking could be  an alarm going off as in, "Oh crap I have lost a day and I am so behind", or like me , "Oh great it is one day closer to Saturday"  when I sit on me butt and do what me wants.   Yeah because butt sitting is an Olympic Sport at least for Hubs :)

     Mom is up doing laundry this morning although a little more sore today, so I don't really know what makes that woman tick.  I picked her up at Lil sis's after class and then brought her dinner downstairs.  She is having trouble climbing stairs since her spill.  I asked her where she wanted to eat, in her bedroom chair, the family room or sitting up in bed?  She told me to put her tray by her bedroom chair.  When I went to pick up her plate she was asleep and had not touched her food.  I just can't second guess her.

     I did not do much sewing yesterday as I spent time getting mother bathed and her room cleaned up and organized a little.  So today I have to get my butt in gear.  You know the butt that had Monday off and liked it.  The butt that has one less day to produce this week and loves that concept.

     By the way I made another almost 200.00 pay down on my Quick lock loan so It is just above $1200.00 I am hoping I can get it gone(don't you love my grammatical skills?) before the end of next month, which for those of you who lost a day this week starts TOMORROW.

     So I mean Sew I had better get me arse in me shop and produce if I want to be able to kick that Quicklock loan to the curb.

Have a a great and productive day.



  1. I keep thinking today is Thursday dangit! The more I do the behinder I get.....

  2. I keep looking at the computer for the date. Not only Monday happened, but I did not sleep two nights, just days. So, I am all off.

  3. I am behind a day and keep thinking it is Tuesday. Maybe I will get my days straight next week. Or maybe not.