Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Tuesday, Beautiful weather

     It was sunny and warm yesterday.  Of course I was too busy sewing, cleaning and teaching to enjoy it much, but I did go sit on the back porch and hem a dress.  It was lovely.  Hub's is spending much of his free time at the school. There are many things I want and need to do, but right now I am on auto pilot until I can get a few Wedding dresses out.

     I really worked hard on the pile yesterday to try and shrink it down.  Doesn't look like it shrunk much.  I will keep trying to  tackle mount Seweverest  today, plus get at least 2 wedding dresses done.  These are simple fixes so should be easy.  I just want them gone and out of the shop.

     Still haven't finished cleaning the disgusting upstairs, but I don't care.  (the down stairs is worse:))

     I convinced the new owner of the studio that having a Saturday practice the weekend of Memorial day was not going to work and we rescheduled through out the week.  So Hubs and I will take another little jaunt down to southern Idaho to a 50th Wedding anniversary of Aunt and Uncle on the 27th.  We will take Hub's folks and spend the weekend.  Hopefully daughter can come over also.

     I received a Mother's day present from my eldest.  Three new fitbit bands.  One is gold and I love it.  Than a metallic pink one and a red leather one.  She is overly generous. I love them all.  The younger two both called on Sunday to say they were not coming down and I said that was okay, Lil sis and I will just spoil mother and she will be happy with that.  She is not very good at sharing the spot light.

     I must take mom to Macy's to select a gift form Sissie and will do that some time this week.  She will love that.  Although she does not need a thing.

     Well I am off to get the pile done.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. It is hard (impossible here) to keep the house clean unless everybody moves out.
    Hope the sewing today was fast and furious and over!

    1. I am knocking stuff out and the house is getting worse and worse. I just need to come up with a plan and stick to it. Then mother can blow it out of the water.

  2. I hope the pile shrinks until it is gone. Who am I kidding? Others will take their places! I used to hem and sew on buttons outdoors when the weather was amenable.

    1. Well the pile is shrinking and I also sewed a little outside it was wonderful.