Saturday, May 13, 2017

Saturday, Well that didn't happen

     I was all set to actually get something done around the house and I spent the whole Da%^ day in the shop.  I started on a mother of the bride dress and the next thing I knew it was 4:30.  Hubs was at the high school and mom and Lil' sis asked me to join them at a movie, then I had to do the banking and I had to eat something besides a piece of pie.  Then it was movie time.

     So, I did nothing but sew.  Lil' sis had a fund raiser at her work selling pies for $20.00 a piece so of course we bought two.  She delivered them yesterday.  I bought a strawberry rhubarb, and hub's bought an apple.  Mom got a turtle cheese cake and Lil' sis a coconut cream, needless to say Mother's day will be sweet.  I had already paid for the pie and then hub's tried to pay for his again.  I told Lil 'sis she should have taken his money.

     It is so cold here.  The sun is shining but it is cold outside.  It is snowing up in the hills welcome to spring in Idaho. 

     I so hope I can get something done around here today, but I feel an attack of the lazys coming on,  Yes lazys is a word in my vocab.  Hmmmm.......  Pie is calling me.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. As for sewing all day--time flies when you are having fun. Well, it is that way with me and sewing. I bet it was fun going from sewing to pie.