Monday, May 1, 2017

Monday saving madness

     Well it is Monday, I am trying to think of things I did last week to save money.  I sewed so much my head is in a fog.

1.  Used coupons for 4 zippers I bought at Joanns
2.  Found remnants at Wal-mart for costume making on sale
3.  Scouted 4 nurseries before buying plants to find cheapest way to do this.
4. planted all my seedlings I started saving tons of money on garden things.
5. Accepted 2 large tomato plants from neighbor
6. cooked all meals from scratch with pantry supplies except 2 one lunch and one dinner
7. went out to lunch with coupons from Mc donalds
8. went out to dinner and friends paid, but we will get them next time.
9. Made delicious home made desserts, and salads all week, we ate like kings.
10. sister brought us all kinds of fruit from her work again, in fact I will be drying some this week

     Kind of a boring week on money saving, but today starts a new month so lets see what I can do with the grocery budget.

     I was able to work in the yard on Saturday and it was lovely.  I did not get done even a third of what I wanted to as there is so much to do.  I need to take pictures and I promise I will some time this week.  I just want to get it done and I realize that it will always be a work in progress and I just need to take a flippen picture.

     Hubs took down the Yew hedge and we bought 7 blueberry bushes to replace it, he will have to plant those today I hope.

I have many prom dresses to finish today and hope I can get them all done but they keep coming in like a flood that does not quit.  I am so blessed.

     There is a big old long list of costumes to complete for Alice in Wonderland so I will be working on those also. I am going to teach 3 nights this week and for the next few weeks.  But it will be fun.

     Hubs is putting together our new yard trimmer together.  Yeah!

I am off to set the world on fire or myself I am not sure.  Mom is looking for matches so I am going to check on her.

Have a great and productive day!