Monday, May 22, 2017

Monday Saving Madness!

     Before I get into my week of savings, I wanted you all to know that I made another $575.00 payment to the loan that is next in my pay off schedule.  So I am down to $1444,44.   Yippee!  I am going to take that sucker down and soon.

     I really have not cooked but once a week this last week just too busy and this week will be the same.   Family has been fending for itself.  But they fended nicely with foods purchased last week.

1. all meals were eaten at home or at Sister's
2. Shop supplies purchased at Joanns with 50% off coupons
3.  Purchased a shopping trip and paid nothing for $45.16 worth of groceries all Albertsons coupons
4.  Had 76% saving at Albertsons with partial off coupons.
5.  Purchased all marigolds for garden at 1/2 price and I will make those suckers grow.
6.  Transplanted hostas after I split them for new front yard bed.
7.  Purchased hair dye with coupons and touched up roots myself
8.  Found a pogo stick for oldest grandson.  It was $36.00 down to 6.00 at K-mart
9.  Cooked a fabulous dinner yesterday with almost all free items

Stuffed shells and manicotti

shells *
manicotti  *
2 lbs shredded mozzarella *
2 quarts home canned tomatoes *
2 lbs cottage cheese *
2 lbs burger pd $1.50 lb with coupon
2 onions *
garlic *
4 cans tomato sauce

salad bagged *
cheese *

French bread

All items * were free items from Albertsons game.  I even wrapped left overs in tin foil that was free. 

I tried to specifically make this with just free items.  It made to very large loaves of homemade french bread, two large pans of manicotti (we froze) and a we ate and packed up 1/2 the stuffed shells.  Lil sis took home enough for her lunches this week.  We have plenty of left overs.  And it was all delicious.

So what have you guys done to save money or make it stretch?  It looks like I will have an extra 400.00 in my budget at the end of the month to put on my Quick loan.  It helps to be frugal and stay out of stores.  Use what you have.

Have a great and productive day!


  1. Wow - that's a lot of free food. Great work! And, congrats on making progress on your debt. Doing great!!!

    1. Thank you and the free food helps alot. I build my meals around it.

  2. You got a ton of free items. How come no stores around here have free food

    1. It is the monopoly game they play once a year. It was great this year.

  3. I've been spending very little down here in VA.
    Good on you.
    Where is my Albertson's? lol

    1. Mostly in the northwest, but groceries in general are very high here.