Friday, August 17, 2018

Friday, Chew your air and discipline....

     The air quality here is so bad from fires, I swear you have to chew it.  So inside we stay unless forced to go out.  As you can see I completed another chart.  #14 has bit the dust and I am onto #15 by $1.  If I am diligent I might be able to get #15 done by the end of the month.  Right now I am too blah to even think of trying.  I need me a little pep talk.  I also need to go get my nails done.  So I might do that later this afternoon.

     There is plenty of sewing to do in the shop, and I am going to have to talk myself into doing anything in there today.  Okay, okay I will at least get in there and complete some kind of quota.  Lazy me.

     But it is Friday!  I should be more excited.  I do have girl friends coming from Montana.   They will stay at my lil sis's house so we will have many laughs this weekend.  That is something to look forward to.

     Right now it is clean the kitchen, clean family room, sew, laundry, ironing and SISSIE will be here in a week.  Hurrah!

     I have told myself I have 7 hems and a pillow to do complete and there are at least 10 mens jackets that need to be altered before next week end.  I guess I can get my butt in there, but (no pun intended) it is dragging.  When you are self employed you also have to be self disciplined and I am not very good at self discipline.  If I was do you think I would be in the kind of debt I have been in?  NO.

     If you want to get out of debt, you need to say no to spending money, you don't have.  Like credit cards, new contracts, borrowing to pay for items.  Once you get that under control, you must say no to spending money on things you do not need.  You can still blow a great deal of cash on crap and unnecessary spending even if you are not charging.  It has taken me so long to get to this point.  I struggle everyday not to let old habits creep back in.

     When I finally conquered or at least kept the above two bad habits at bay (credit cards, shopping) I went to necessity shopping.  Food, toiletries, things I will use.  Now I have even stopped that as much as possible. Use what I have, wear what I have, be happy with what I have, and I have way to much!

     I also have way too much work to do, so I will get my little(big) undisciplined rear into the shop.  Crap!  Splat!  Blah!

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. OK Kim here is your pep talk!!!! You have marked off another debt - YAY. Your gf is coming into town to visit - YAY. You have the best attitude & discipline about debt of anyone I know - YAY.
    Go do something fun for yourself. We all need to once in a while.

    OK? You got this!!!

    1. I did. I went and got my nails done and I also went out to dinner with girlfriends.

  2. Eat that elephant one bite at a time.....