Saturday, August 18, 2018

Saturday,Fun, fun, fun

     I did get my butt into the shop yesterday and did about 1/2 of what I should have and then I went and got my nails done, went to the bank and then went to my Lil sis's and the girls were there.  We went out to dinner and tonight we are doing a girls night sleep over.

     Today I have to get more tomatoes canned, Hubs will do the canning part if I get the jars ready.  I am up with that. I just hemmed a pair of shorts for a man last minute.  He was lucky to catch me on a Saturday.  I could have said no but it is over 100 again and I felt sorry for any one who did not have shorts to wear.

     I have to drop off alterations to a client that does not drive any more.  I will also have to come in and visit for a while as they will be lonely for news.  I have news it is HOT!  Oh and it is also SMOKEY!

     Our electric toothbrushes are having a hard time holding a charge and mine finally died.  I ordered a double stand brush from Amazon and I will have to unpack it now.  It will only have the one base and one cord which will be nice as we have the two now and it drives me crazy.  First world problem I know.  But when you grow up with a clutter bug having stuff all over the counters drives me nuts.

     I really should do a little more sewing today as I lazed out yesterday but I just don't know if I can talk myself into it. Sissie will be here in 6 days and she will whip this laziness out of me, I think.

     I have my girlfriends and Lil sis coming for dinner after church tomorrow, I am not sure what I will serve besides well, tomatoes of course.  I think I will make a cobbler for dessert as we have ice cream.  I had better go check, Hub's might have been into the ice cream.  He is sneaky like that.  Oh I have chicken I need to cook up so something with chicken.  Hmmm. Better put on my thinking cap.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.