Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Tuseday, Things I don't or rarely buy that save.

     I am constantly reading little snippets on Pinterest of things people don't or quit buying to save money.  Many of the things people do buy I just don't because of my habits.  But I am sure I buy things others don't because of their habits, good,bad, or otherwise.

1. coffee  Don't drink it
2. tea   same
3. tobacco
4. wine, beer, spirits  I am so boring
5. paper towels rarely
6. napkins
8. paper plates
9. convenience foods very rare
10. canned fruit
11. juice of any kind
12. potatoes only when we have used up all the free ones
13. onions same
14. eggs maybe 1 month out of the year as we are out and chickens quit laying
15. jelly or jam  I make my own
16. canned whole tomatoes
17. spaghetti sauce
18. squash  we usually have this until March and then wait until  June for new
19. store bought cookies, cakes
20. chicken broth
21. dressings, I make my own

Many of these items are in my large pantry or stores in breathable baskets and crates.

Things I buy only at rock bottom prices and then stock up

1. canned veggies
2. canned tomato sauces
3. cake mixes
4. butter
5. sugars
6. flour
7. crisco
8. canned soups
9. canned beans
11. meat when I can
13. seasonal foods, Thanksgiving, Christmas
14. seasoning packages
15. cheese
16. fresh fruit in season
17. fresh veggies in season
18. peanut butter

All of these items are kept in good quantity in my large pantry

Things I buy only at the dollar store

1. rice
2. dried beans of all varieties
3. cleaning products

About every 6 month I replace these items and rotate them forward

Things I buy at Rite-aid or Walgreens with coupons and points

1. make-up
2. laundry soap
3. dish soap
4. hair products
5. deodorant
6. toothpaste
7. razors

I have a very good stock of these things in the Sluggy cupboard and rarely have to buy any.  Only when something is almost free or free do I go.  I also use these things for stocking stuffers and gifts for my children.

Things I buy that are unnecessary and wasteful.

1. diet coke  I try to get in on sale and stock up
2. Soda for hubs diet root beer and orange

What do you buy that saves you money or what is your guilty pleasure?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. Great minds think alike. My blog today is similar!!
    Like your lists.

  2. my guilty pleasure is chocolate, DH's is coffee. I love tea and I stock up when its half price, so many tinned items I only buy when half price. Having a good stock of pantry items saves a huge amount of money, but at the moment I'm eating it down.

    1. I have to eat mine down also as we no longer have mom and we have too much.

  3. Our lists are a little bit different but we agree on a lot of the basics like napkins and paper plates, etc. I buy coffee because the Redneck drinks it, and seriously, I'm too afraid to see what he would be like if he was ever deprived of it! My guilty pleasure? Hmmm....I like to buy a giant Hershey bar, break it into squares and slowly enjoy each one, all. By. My. Self. I only do that every few months, but oh boy, it's lovely, especially when I also eat fresh hot popcorn with it.

  4. Guilty pleasure - without a doubt diet coke....although it isn't so much a pleasure, as an addiction I'm not willing to give up. Things I don't buy - cleaning supplies - I make my own with vinegar, baking soda, Borax, & washing soda - although I do buy those....

  5. Here's another tip if you aren't doing this already. Cut up your dryers sheets into quarters. Really, that's enough to take out any static & give the clothes/linens a nice light smell. And not enough to do damage to the fibers of your items. I love how a box now lasts 4X as long! :-)

    1. I do this! I only buy the sheets for the winter when I use my dryer during nasty weather, but I cut them into four sections, and they last forever. I know I'm strange, but I get a thrill when I find someone else who does stuff like me.

    2. I don't buy these as I use dryer balls. But Sis buys them when she is here. I also cut them up.

  6. coffee, diet soda here. (soda is for hubby; I drink mostly water) I do tear my dryer sheets in half and cut my dishwasher tablets in half. I love reading how others save!

  7. I don't buy anything in a package or box and I TRY to only purchase "real food" which saves me a lot of money. We don't buy any pork or beef products, no bread or flour-based foods, no juice, no salad dressing (like you I make my own), very few cans as I make my own soup but I do buy diced, unseasoned tomatoes in a can as I don't have a garden. I go to the Bulk Food store for dried beans, lentils, pea, quinoa, seeds, nuts and spices which helps a bit with cost. My weakness is salt and vinegar chips, dark chocolate and ice cream - I try to not over indulge in my weaknesses but I have to balance all of that healthy food somehow! :)