Thursday, August 23, 2018

Thursday,Types of hoarding

     Sissie flies in tomorrow and my house is a wreck.  The ironing is waiting for her.  She is the house Nazi and will spin me around and get things back to where they need to be.  I am in so much trouble.  I try but I just fail at the things she is really good at.  The shop needs her love really bad.  The rest of the house is doing pretty good, but the shop well.....

     I was thinking about debt and clutter.  My two biggest problems.  I think both feed on each other.  You buy things you don't need, then you don't use.  You feel guilty about not using them but you spent good money so you save them to use later.  These items can be in any category  of your life.

Cooking: We all need to cook right?  But those valentine pans that you inherited from your mother?  That valentine bundt pan that never comes clean?  This was just the first cupboard.  How about the 15 handles and all the rossette irons from three generations of cooks? For someone who just remodeled a kitchen you would think this is under control right?  Wrong!  This stuff takes up room, in my cupboards and my mind.  It leads to time waste and money waste.  What can I do about it?

Under the sink clutter?  Does every sink have to be a black hole of clutter? Cupboards that are full of things you might need or use?  So you see a good sale and buy more to add to the things you might need or use?

I often wonder if I was not allowed to buy anything for a year, just how much of this stuff I have would I eventually use?

Holiday stuff?  Now mom was a Christmas fanatic and she bought and bought at the sales after Christmas.  Actually after every holiday.  I have quit doing this but I still have her years of accumulated crap and mine.  When is enough, enough?  How many boxes in the garage are just for Christmas?

The linen closet.  Okay you who have been reading me for years, have seen me (with pictures) de clutter and take bags away from this disaster. But it is full again.  Holiday crap I really don't enjoy.  Pillowcases.Where do they come from?  Get rid of the stained ones, I mean really?  Why do we hold onto this stuff?

My shop is just full again, every surface and nook and cranny.  My Sissie comes and she beats me into organization and then...... and then.....  I try really hard not to buy things and I think I am making progress and then I look around and I just realize that I am a slob.

I think I have hoarding in my heart.

One of my blogging friends is having  trouble with vermin in her food pantry.  This can happen to anyone.  But getting to the bottom  of the problem maybe too much food stored. It is easy to see a good deal and pick it up.  Jello, and pudding mixes,  I have so many of those and I rarely use it.  Really if I need it for a recipe just go buy it.  DO I need to eat jelled sugar?  No! But I certainly stocked up when I saw the sale.....

I don't care how good a sale there is on pasta, I have 30 boxes now and if I buy more, I could lose it to weevil.  What is the lesser of two weevils?  Not having enough pasta at a good price or throwing it away when it is contaminated?

DO I need to can more jelly and syrup if I have jars from 2 years ago?  No use up what you have before adding to an already full pantry.  IF you don't it will lead to waste.  Waste of time and money.

Just random thoughts on my crazy life.  I had better get to work.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. sometimes things just take over...........your sister is one in a million if she enjoys sorting things out, let her get on with and then send her to our house!!

  2. It is amazing how fast things pile up. I stick it in a drawer or a cabinet to deal with later - and later doesn't come until I do a deep clean. One of my summer projects was to tackle the linen closet. I mean, seriously, why do I have stacks of sheets for beds we no longer own??? And towels that are so ratty I wouldn't bother keeping them for rags? I actually smile now when I look in there and see the nice neat stacks of things we really do use regularly. Wonder how long it will last? Enjoy your time with your sister!

  3. Oh gosh, I know how this can creep up on you. I do it with clothes that folks give me--I go through them and find a couple of blouses that I THINK I will start wearing. Oh look, here's a nice skirt, a pretty shawl, etc--it all goes in my closet. Then about three months later I find that I haven't put on a single thing I saved. So I purge my closet again, taking the things to the homeless shelter for folks who really need it. I used to be bad about all objects, but nowadays I seem to have my biggest issue with clothing.

    1. Funny how as we age (yeah) we need less and less.