Monday, August 27, 2018

Monday, Late post

     I don't know why my body betrays me, but it does.  Sometimes at the worst possible times.  I picked Sis up at the airport on Friday and she hung out with me in the shop most of the afternoon.   She was taking stock and cleaning up my messes.   Friday night I was so tired probably because I had slept really, really bad Thursday night.  I mean less that 3 hours of sleep.  So I went to bed about 10:30 which is quite early for me.

     My sisters woke me the next morning (Saturday) about 10:00, so I slept for almost 12 hours unheard of for me.  I got right up but was having a little vertigo and was very drugged and sleepy.  I take no sleep aids so I did not know where the drugged feeling was coming from.  I got myself ready and got in the car , but found myself closing my eyes.  I was very achy and sweating profusely.  We ran some errands and I was very quiet.  We are all non stop yackers when we get together so this was unusual for me.  I split a burger with Sissie at lunch and took some Aleve.  We got back to Lil sis's about 3 p.m. and I laid right down on her sofa and went to sleep.

     I slept for 5 straight hours and Hub's came and got me and took me home where I went right back to sleep on the sofa and slept solid until he came down stairs a got me about 5:30 in the morning.  Then I slept until 10:30.  So in 36 hours I was somewhat awake for less than 5 hours.  My right hand and shoulders were quite inflamed, but Sunday I got ready for church and I am fine now.  A little more achy in my joints.

     I felt like I blew the entire weekend. 

     But so much has happened here in the last few days which I will blog about over the next few days.  Nothing in our family is easy.  Some things are good, and others are very bad.  We are just trying to plug along and get along.

Monday money saving madness: August 19th-25 2018

1.  Made four loaves of bread with ww home ground flour
2. Cooked all meals except one at home with pantry and freezer supplies.
3. Found .55 cents in the change machine at Albertsons!
4. fed all food scraps to chickens.
5. ate tomatoes, squash out of garden
6.Remodeled two wedding dresses with scraps from other dresses. strapping, boning, lacing, sash.  I make money on this.
7. took a layer out of a wedding dress that was too heavy and used the entire layer to line a bridesmaid dress that was too sheer.  I did not even have to make the lining, just inserted it. I did not have to pay for lining or do any of the work!
8. collected more bread bags from church members
9. rec'd a $20.00 giftcard from a happy client
10.  Took both of my sissies to Rite aid and the used my card and I get the points!
11. Bought another china dozen egg holder on a close out for 2.99
12. Found out a pair of shoes I had ordered for a Birthday present for D#3 significant other, would not be arriving through Amazon,  My account was credited.  So I went to the local store and bought the same shoes for $7.00 more.  Then the shoes arrived.  So I called and Amazon said keep the shoes the retailer has an agreement to guarantee shipment. So a free gift for Christmas. Score!
13.  Daughter #2 paid off a parental load for dental school in our name.  Originally $22,000 dollars for her second year.  Our credit score will take a hike up.

     Stay tuned I have so much to tell you.  Drama........

Have a great and productive day staying positive while in the negative.



  1. Your body was telling you to stop. I hope things get better.

    1. Yes you are right, I just didn't really know how long it would stop.:(

  2. Your body is telling you something gal.....start listening! lolz
    Glad the loan is paid off...yay!!
    Have fun with your sissies and get some more sleep. ;-)

  3. Glad you are feeling better. I Love that you can fix the wedding dresses by using pieces from other dresses. I've been collecting used clothing to cut up for quilting fabric. Fabric is expensive these days!! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog about my Tumpy quilt. Did you know that you show up as noreply blogger?

    1. I get an email that notifies me that you have commented on my blog. When I hit reply, it says that you are no reply blogger, so I can't respond to you by email. If you google this, there are several blog posts out there by various bloggers, telling you how to get around this.

  4. I agree with SAM and Sluggy, it seems you had so much stress and busyness, sounds like your body is going take rest even if it’s not on your schedule.

  5. Ugh drama! That's enough to wear you down. Take care of yourself and as other have said listen to your body.

  6. As the others have said, your body was forcing you to rest!

    1. Not happy about it, but the sleep was wonderful.

  7. Oh yeah, your body is determined to get you to rest. It's a grief mechanism. You may need to see your doctor, just to be certain it's nothing serious, but I honestly think you're doing what I did about 40 years ago after my mother passed away. I spent HOURS sleeping when I didn't have to be in college classes or at other activities that required me to be awake. You're healing, honey.

  8. UGG... I've had weekends like that too. Suddenly it's Sunday night and you feel like you want a do over!
    Get better!

    1. You and I both burn that candle. It must be the programmer mind.....