Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Tuesday, Grindstone day

This was me yesterday.  I really did make myself get into the shop and take on the pile of sewing.  It was mostly little stuff, or little piles that made the BIG pile.  There are still so many Wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses to do, but there is also the PILE.  The PILE gets pretty large.  So I have to really stick to it to lower it.  I will be working on the bottom of the pile today and hopefully get to a couple of Wedding dresses that just need bustling and minor work so I can get them out of the shop. This morning I will call people to come and pick up and then hope they do it.  At least with a wedding dress you know you have a date they must have it.  This helps in planning cash flow.

     The missionaries stopped me on Sunday and asked if I could do their laundry, as they had no facilities in their apartment.  So they dropped off and will pick up this morning.  It was just one load of white and one of dark, it was the 6 white shirts and the 4 pairs of pants I had to press that almost killed me:)  As my ironing pile sits there glaring at me.

     I also forgot I was supposed to take a meal into a family that had a very sick mother.  So about 5 o'clock, I ran to store to get the cheap chicken deal, and some ice cream bars and a bag of mini carrots.  See how not paying attention costs money?  I was cursing myself the whole time until I saw the 11 year old daughter open her door and say ,"Oh some one brought us food!" She was surrounded by her younger brothers and sisters and all were excited.  I think there has been a lot of peanut butter and jelly there recently.We had meat loaf (previously frozen) mashed potatoes, corn, cucumbers, and tomatoes out of the garden.  So our meal was great and well free.

     It is going to be very hot here the next 4 days like 108-110.  I need to can tomatoes but I think I will just put them all in the fridge and can next week.  Even though I do it outside it is still just too hot for that and I love the heat. 

     My puppy is doing his spaz thing of running back and forth down stairs as fast as he can.  Corgis love to run fast sprints, you can just see joy in their eyes when they do this.  It is play time as he naps all afternoon.  I want to be a Corgi in my next life.

     I am going to finish the pile today, do some ironing, finish my laundry, and pick all the garden produce.  Then I am going to go put a bandage on my nose.

What are you guys going to do?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.




  1. stinking hot and humid here as well. I am not a fan of the heat.

  2. I went out to "pick my produce" yesterday morning, and 3 hours later....there was so much garden work I did, and even more I did not do. Then, I spent the rest of yesterday preserving it all. I'm getting quite a bit of canning done, and I enjoy doing it, but was plenty ready for bed last night.

    It's going to be hot here, as well. I hope to do cool things with my nephew tomorrow, such as stay indoors at the library, or other things. I don't have a plan, yet. I'd better hurry and make one:)

    1. I have a sink full of tomatoes so I think I will have to do something:)

  3. Buy those missionaries and iron! That would be a great service to them.

    Poor little hungry children. I am glad the church is feeding them a bit more than pbj.

    I am just trying to let my battered body heal and show off the truck.

  4. Whew that is hot, much hotter than it has been in Florida lately. However, over the last few weeks we have gotten so much rain!

  5. We're finally getting some rain so I am catching up on everyone's blog! Who knew I could be so grateful for rain :) Have missed reading about your life Kim!

    1. Send some of that rain here, we desperately need it.