Sunday, August 19, 2018

Sunday, Fun with friends

     I was able to get 5 more quarts of tomatoes jarred up yesterday and hub's canned them for me.  Then my Lil sis called and the girls wanted to go to our Penneys as they were looking for certain shirts that the Penneys in Missoula was out of and sure enough they were fully stocked here.We went out to lunch at Taco Time. Then we went to a few other stores and I picked up a few giftys for my gift drawer.  We pooped around most of the afternoon and then when we thought about dinner I just did not want to go out again, so with 7 chicken breasts thawed I said just come over to my place for dinner later.  Lil sis dropped me off.

     I was able to relax for a couple of hours as I knew dinner wold be late.  Here is how to put on a feed for very little time and money, if you have a pantry.
Grab a yellow cake mix, one can cherry pie filling and one can pineapple rings, one cube butter
sprinkle 1/2 cake mix on a greased 9/12 pan then add pineapple juice and all and arrange rings, now top with cherries, add the other 1/2 of cake mix and slice butter thinly over all , bake 350 until golden

Cost: Mix .69  cherries .99  pineapple .69  butter .50 
While cake is baking take

Chicken breasts (purchased 1/2 price frozen)  $3.78 for package

Use 4 breasts cut in strips and lay under towel to dry  2.00
 peel 8 potatoes and put to boil   .25
open 2 cans corn and put in a sauce pan.  .50  or 1.00 for two

When you have all this started mix up biscuit dough
2 cups flour   .6
4 tsp baking powder.2
2 tsp sugar ? 
1/2 tsp salt ?
1/2 tsp cream of tartar.3
1/2 cup of crisco  .15
Cut all together to resemble crumbs   .30 for biscuits.
2/3 cup milk DO not add until ready to bake

When potatoes are getting close to done, start rolling cut up chicken strips in seasoned bread crumbs and fry them in oil and butter.  as they are frying knead up your dough and cut biscuits put in a 450. oven.  Take out your cake first:) crumbs. .15  butter, .25  oil .10

As you are frying up chicken it only takes few minutes per side, drain your potatoes and mash with butter and milk.   milk .5 butter .25

Make gravy from dripping of chicken frying with 3 tbls flour and 2 cups milk .20

This meal took me an hour to prepare and served 5 adults with leftovers for dinner today so a total of $8.22 to feed 5 adults and enough to feed 3 adults once more plus enough left over dessert for 8 more servings.  Just what I need.   Under 1.00 a serving if you stock a rock bottom prices and cook from scratch in some ways.

Have a peaceful and restful Sabbath.