Thursday, June 22, 2023

Thursday, Summer is here!

 Here we are in summer, and I am not Juning like I would normally June. But I am trying.  I really am.

I picked my first tiny zucchini yesterday and that was exciting. I have seen a few squash bugs, but I decided to hit them with a product I bought instead of trying to fight them with dish soap. I hardly got any squash the last two years, and I wasn't about to let that happen again.

Went to my televised Rheumatology appt this morning. They are concerned about the eye involvement.  But I did leave with 6 months of my $5,000 a month med.  So that was a blessing.  Walking out with $30,000 in meds is a pretty good feeling. We will see what the future holds.

I have to pick my grandkids up later this afternoon as daughter cannot get out of the clinic and sone in law was called to some crisis on the other side of the state.

I have army uniforms to do today, among the other piles.   I want to get all my sewing done before I have to go pick up kids so I can just play with them.

On the mom front.  She is home and very weak.  My sister-in-law is with her until next Tuesday.  I was going to cancel a few bridals I had scheduled for next week and go down but need to stay here for eye appointments in the next two weeks. They want to get pictures of my eye every few days. 

Mom really needs to sell her house and move in with any of us.  She does have another daughter that lives in the same town that has a huge house, and she can stay there.  But she does want her independence taken and I can understand that.  As long as we keep running down to stay with her, she will never sell. I am willing to do my part, but she also has to be realistic and that is so hard. Maybe after the 4th I can take a week and stay down there. I don't mind as there is lots of family and she is a joy to be with, it is just making sure Signe' has sitters for Kelsa and Will.  With the shortage of state troopers poor Nathan is running all over the state of Washington almost every week.

I am taking my girlfriend up to the Temple in Spokane tomorrow.  It will be nice to get away, to the peace and quiet as this has been a noisy busy week.  We can get some girl talk in and have a nice dinner, maybe do a little shopping.  Just nice to get away with her.  I hope we can do this at least once a month. It gives us something to look forward to.

So, I am of to get some sewing done before I pick up the kids.  I have to leave here at 2:15 , that gives me about 2.5 hours.  I had better get busy.



  1. Having something to look forward to can keep you going even in the worst of times. Mine is a weekly(or 2 weeks)outing for Trivia with Daughter. 8-))

  2. Those get together moments are the best! Enjoy.
    Nice on all the meds - golly, what a HUGE savings.
    Have safe travels.

  3. I hate it, but if she must have someone with her, then she has already lost her independence. But, I know it must be hard for her. Your eyes have to be your first priority now, but you know that. I agree that the trip with your friend to the temple will be good for you and her. That is great you got that med!

  4. I'm so sorry your MIL had a heart attack. I know she wants to live a full life and it must be frustrating for her. You're good people to keep her wants along with needs so present. I'm too trying to figure out what little things can be put on my calendar to look forward to. I get so sad some days. Work is literally a behind the scenes shit show while everyone external runs around congratulating themselves for their big wins with no clue about the unrealistic pressure that has been put on us implementing the work. Some days, the thing I most look forward too is the walk with the big dog after the sun has lowered and the park is shady. He expects nothing but love and gives loads back. It's not what I thought summer was going to be 6 months ago, yet here it is.

    1. I am right there with you sister. t is so hard for me to stay motivated because most of the time I just don't care.

  5. I’m sending best wishes to you and your family regarding your MIL- it must be so hard for her to realize she needs to sell the house to live with one of her family members! I can’t even begin to imagine.. I hope you continue to find joy and love in spending time with your family , especially those adorable grandkids ❤️
    Ricki in NY

  6. Have a great weekend! Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  7. Kim,
    I posted the recipe for my slaw. It is like my mother made.

  8. We went through that with Daddy. Hard all the way around. Enjoy your time with your friend

  9. It is hard to find the balance between declining independence, and reducing stress & churn for everyone. Hope you are able to find that balance.

    I'm going to be nearish you this weekend - wedding in Pasco!

  10. I hope your MIL can get things sorted out. I'm happy that summer is finally here. Don't work too hard in your sewing room.

  11. I do hope that your MIL can figure things out, and I hope you managed to get things completed so you could play with the grands.

    God bless.