Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Tuesday, Doctor's on the war path


Well meeting with the doctor yesterday must have made a difference.  This morning I was called by my RA'S office where there is no Rheumatologist in residence just a staff trying to hold things together until August.  The eye specialist called and insisted that I see a specialist immediately. There will be a zoom visit next week to get the ball rolling on staying on the med I am on and not going to a cheaper med.  Because there is eye involvement things are taking a more serious turn.  I call this providence.

Now that is a good doctor.  But then I have done all the alterations for 4 of his 7 daughter's weddings and I am not to retire until they are all married. I have had 5 eye surgeries on my right eye, I am lucky I can see at all.

I was able to get two wedding dresses done yesterday and I have a bugger to work on today for a fitting tomorrow.  Then it is piles and piles.
I am feeling better, and I think it is because I know my Sissie is coming, and my Lil sis is back in town.  Family is everything.

Kelsa had the pukes Sunday night so I did not watch her yesterday and her mom stayed home with her until she was over the worst.  I did not want to get them that was for sure.

She spiked a fever last night of 102.5 and I put her in a luke warm bath for an hour and that brought it down to 100.1.  Then to bed and she is almost back to her old self today, just a little less active.  Not forcing food down her just as many liquids as I can get.  I think she is over the hump.

My sister-in-law that has stage 4 ovarian cancer is feeling so much better and is actually out over doing it.  So I told her I will send Joel to sprain her ankle if she doesn't slow down.

There were questions yesterday about why brides buy dresses that don't fit them. There are many reasons.
1. That is the only one available
2. they can't get your size in on time
3. it is a used dress.
4. You have a pushy salesperson that knows nothing about alterations.
5. The shop where you buy does its own alterations and can charge you more for them.
6. You are just stupid.

Now there are many really good Bridal shops out there that are honest and lovely, but there are a few chain shops that are horrid.  Unfortunately living in a rural area your clients end up at the chain shops.

I do like a challenge, but sometimes it is really not worth it.
Today I am taking a wedding dress from the 80's and making it 8 inches bigger around the bust and waist.  I have to put gussets in the sides and the arms.  Then I have to steal lace from the train to cover up the seams and make it look like the dress always had lace up the sides.  Then I have to figure out how to fix the train.  I could add lace from another dress as on the long train no one will notice it is different. It is like reworking a jigsaw puzzle.

Lots of piles here that need attention but first the dress.



  1. I like how you approach the altering of the bride dress as a puzzle and use your creativity with lace from the train, etc. I hope your health concerns find the right treatment and healing.

  2. Another reason for so many alterations is that wedding dresses are expected to fit to perfection and the styling does not allow for a bust size that will fit every cup size. Fit means fit. Even if a dress fits through the bust, the shoulders made need altering, raising them. Well, that is my take on some alterations. Kim, you may disagree.
    Well, I am glad someone caught the eye med problem. Eyes are no place to go cheap.

    1. You are totally right. Every body is different and if any dress needs to fit it is a wedding dress.

  3. I can only imagine how many brides you have blessed with your talent, care, and attention to detail, my friend. Hugs!

  4. Eight inches bigger in the bust and waist????? Must be a family wedding dress. I cannot imagine anyone buying a dress that needs eight inches added!!!! Wow, just wow! You are amazing!!!! Cindy in the South

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    1. Oh trust me honey, I am learning. Thanks to you.

  6. Daughter 2 bought her wedding dress when she was 18, the wedding got canceled more than once before she FINALLY got married to someone else (now divorce). She went from a size 4(flat chested) to a 6( 32 C)... Foster sister (LOVE HER SOUL) took everything out and added a lace insert as the wedding present while spending the weekend with me. My ex SIL has had 6 surgeries on his left eye. He is now legal blind in that eye. I feel for you

  7. Glad you have an actively involved doctor. That means everything. You only get one set of eyes.
    Thanks for the explanation on the reasonings for so many alterations. I had to snicker on the last one!!!!
    Hope the little is feeling much better. Take care my friend.

  8. I have been away at a conference for 3 days and deliberately did not bring a device with me (and we use flip phones, so no scrolling there!) and am just now catching up. I am reading backwards from your last post (Thursday) but am probably echoing the others by saying "KIM! Your health comes FIRST! Your EYES count!" Hugs, lots of them.