Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Wednesday and Tuesday:) posting late...

     I got up a little later than usual and I had a bridesmaid dress that had to be let out to do a fitting at 11.  I was afraid I would not be able to make it big enough and would have to gusset it, but it zipped up fine.   I then had a lot of hemming to do, all the time I was trying to get laundry done and change sheets, press pillow cases, etc.

     I have a set of dress blues due out first thing in the morning and I still have not finished the bedroom or bath downstairs. So today is run, run, run.

     We are out of supplies at the studio so must go get water and toilet paper etc.  In between cleaning sewing and ironing. It is so nice to have the bedroom and bathroom clean to hotel stay worthy.  I love it and may it stay that way for a while.

     Our guests arrived about 7 last night and I slice chicken off the bone and fried up potatoes and made a frecetta salad.  Hub's and I cleaned the bank and then my girlfriend Joyce and I stayed up until about midnight so I could finish a set of dress blues.

     Today I have a lot of sewing to do and I started cooking the meat off of a chicken carcass so I will make a big pot of chicken soup.  Hub's came home very chilled yesterday so that will be nice for him and guests.  It is rainy and chilly here as I am back in wool sweaters.  But I have sandals on as I refuse to let it be nothing but late spring.  I have goosebumps on my legs so I may have to rethink my strategy.

     D#2 came over yesterday and took a huge container of crap out of the garage may it stay out!  I have not attacked the garage yet but that is coming.  I must pay a couple of important bills today and make a few phone calls.  I want to get all the sewing caught up as I have to go to Spokane on Friday for a doctor appointment and I won't be here for pickup.

     Hubby gets paid tomorrow so I can get ready to post new totals. Yeah!

Out My Window:  Rainy and cool, but the farmers need the rain for the spring wheat so I won't complain, plus I do not have to hand water things!  It is supposed to get very hot soon.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Enjoy your time with your friend!

  2. What is this "spring" thing you keep talking about? I'll trade your weather. I have never used sleeveless for work, but yesterday was the very first time, with no jacket cover up or anything. Yes, it was HOT! Have a good time with your guests!

  3. It was 40 degrees last night. I had to cover everything in my garden and now keeping fingers crossed the tender plants will survive! I'm ready for summer to come back again...

  4. Have a great time with your guests! I would trade you weather it is hot and humid and supposed to be stormy later. Hoping the storms hold off as Rebecca has a softball game tonight (her last regular season one) and they are supposed to celebrate their second place league finish.

  5. The heat index is 102 here today. I can hardly breathe. I'm envious of your chilly days :) Hope you enjoy your time with your guests!

  6. Stormy and rainy here. Lots of thunder and lightning. I wish I had time to sew!!! Even if it was for work!

  7. Muggy and yucky and hot here...miss you!!!!! Remember to tak a break sometimes


  8. Well I am now up-to-date on the weird weather across the country lol! It seems as though spring and summer are duking it out for supremacy! It is officially summer now but you'd never know it in some parts of the country!