Friday, July 17, 2015

Friday, doing what I want, maybe?

     $9.45 dinner out tacos, just too tired to cook.  I really need to get on the ball here, but have been too overwhelmed with sewing to really plan and cook. Shame on me.

     Today I just have a small pile of things that have to be done.  I really need to clean house and get some weeding done outside.  I also need to pick all the garden produce. It is not coming on strong yet but will be within a week.  I also need to clean the desk and pay bills. Get some money transferred around. I realize that I have not updated my totals from last month.  That should give me a shot in the arm I hope.

     It seems harder and harder for me to keep my head above water.  Taking off one week a month to vacation or go to daughters and now to mom's is not helping.  Don't know any other way around this.  All work and no play makes you KIM.

     Oh my I don't know how I am going to get the things done that really need to be done without a list,  I can feel it coming on, and I can't stop it know matter how hard I try.  So here goes...

1. Wipe down master bath fixtures and counters master.
2. vacuum rugs in master bath
3. Sweep and clean floor in master bath   Now this took an hour:)
4. sweep and  do rugs in hall way
5. clean light fixture in hallway
6. make bed in guest room, dust and sweep floor.
7. scrub guest bath well  it is a sty    (This took another hour)
8. dust front room.
9. move furniture and do hardwood floors.
10. Vacuum rugs and furniture.    Another hour  le sigh.......
11. clean kitchen
12. Mop kitchen and dining room floors.       Lots of interruptions with shop, have to stop and cook dinner
13. get laundry put away and finished.
14. clean and dust family room (pick up beads, pearls, sewing things)
15. vacuum family room
16. organize shop
17. finish 3rd bridesmaid dress  for fitting
18. get 4th bridesmaid dress cut out and basted.
19. get bills done and books balanced
20. clean off desk
21. water flowers
22. finish weeding front beds
23. clean up drive way
24. weed back flower beds around the patios.

What an easy day I have ahead of me.  I won't get this all done but I need to get much of it done before I leave for mom's on Monday. Okay it is 11:09  let's see what I can accomplish in an hour.

On your mark get set go!



  1. Where is "eat chocolate" on your list? Because you sure need a reward after all that! I had grand plans to tackle the filthy house today, but I started reading "Go Set a Watchman" instead. In my defense, I had an hour to kill at the hospital while DS was in the pool with the therapist ... but once I start reading, I don't know how to stop. So your house is WAY cleaner than mine!

  2. I do the same thing, when I start reading, so I try to only read at night in bed, but then I don't sleep. Yikes. I also had chocolate last night as I was beading a dress. :)