Monday, July 13, 2015

Monday, Why? Why do I come back?

Dinner will be leftovers, we are eating( except for meat) almost exclusively out of the garden.

     It was wonderful at the coast.  Cool almost cold after the triple digit weather we have been having here.  I seemed to bring the cooler weather back with me as it is in the low 90's here now.

     Hub's and I stayed at our normal dive hotel.  We did not get a room with a view because I was trying to save money.  We also had the dog.  But our room was scary ugly, we only stayed in there to sleep. Really next time I think we will just bring the tent and the cots and camp.  It would be so much cheaper and not so claustrophobic.  I do not believe we will take the dog again as she is getting too old.  Actually I think we are getting too old.

     We took some long walks on the beach and several long bike rides.  Hub's did well keeping on his diet.  We only ate out once while we were there.  We ate at our daughters very nice posh place 2.5 miles down the beach at night for dinner.  Had so much fun with the grandson.  I think he now likes me maybe?  He really enjoyed the ocean.

     Hub's and I would get up every morning and walk the 2.5 mils down to where daughter was staying.  We have a particular wall we have to touch and we always race to see who will get there first.   We used to run this but those days are over.  I always beat hub's but this year we were getting close and of course we were trying to out maneuver each other.  I was behind him ( my strategy) then I took off running, when he realized I was running he started to run and when we were neck and neck I of course started laughing which I always do, this is my nemesis.  If I laugh too hard I will wet my pants so I had to slow down, then I did a Mysti and tripped in the sand.  I was running barefoot and dragging the poor dog, my sandals were in the other hand.  I went ass over tea kettle as my grandmother used to say and ended up looking at the sky while Hub's passed me grinning.

   The beach was busy so many people were looking at me like does that lady need help?  My sandals went flying, I let go of the dogs leash and lay in the sand laughing.  I was of course wearing white shorts and a white and light green top, landed very hard on my right hip as I was careening gracefully to a stop.  Hub's touches the wall and then saunters over to help me up. I am covered in sand which was dry so I brushed off and was not even dirty.  Usually when I fall I am a mess.  He has lost 25 lbs and has never beaten me before, I think I will go make a chocolate cake.

     He let me beat him the next day because he knows what is good for him.  I have to ask for some advice.  Three strange things happened at the hotel and I am not sure if I should call or not. I am very careful with my cash.  I take note of how many 50's, 20's I have and where I spend my money.  As in I went to Freed Meyer and we spent $76.00 on groceries, I used a 50 and a 20.  This way I know where my money goes,  I hate it when you have cash and all of a sudden it is gone and you have no idea where you spent it.  Well I seemed to have a 50 bill missing.  I know I did not get into my 50's and I had 4 of them.  Now I only had three.  We had no maid service while we were there.  I met the maids three days in a row and said we needed nothing.  I also hide my wallet if I don't take it with me.  The first day I did not do this. 

     Hub's and I each have a pair of Ray-ban sunglasses.  We are not flashy people and these were bought for us by our daughter.  We take very good care of our things and are not used to having expensive things.  Hub's glasses went missing.  He had them hanging on his shirt and there is no way they could fall off unless someone slipped them off.  This could have happened at the Tillimook cheese factory that was very crowded with tourists, but he thinks he took them off in the bathroom at the hotel.  We are not sure.  We just both remember him always hooking his glasses when he was not wearing them to his shirt.  It was very foggy when we drove to the factory so he was not wearing his glasses.  He noticed them missing when we went to leave.  I was sure they were at the hotel in the bathroom.  But they were not.  So we assumed they were taken by someone at the factory that saw then and followed hubs and slipped them off.  I wear my glasses around my neck on a strap.

     Now we are getting ready to pack to go home.  Hub's cannot find his new outdoor vest.  It is a layer vest to wear over his outdoor shirts.  It was brand new and only worn once.  I just bought it for him for fathers day and it was pricey.  He wore it the first day as it was chilly and he took it off in the hotel room.  Again he takes very good care of this things.  We are talking Sheldon Copper here.  Now I have three things are that are bugging me.  The money, the glasses and the vest.  The money I can say I miss counted, the glasses well maybe they were taken at the factory the vest was taken from the hotel.  Should I call and say something?  We have stayed here over 20 times and have never had any problems.  I managed a large hotel when I was in college and we did have problems with dishonest employees.  They would never take a full wallet but just a 20 hoping not to get caught.  But I really feel that sticky fingers were involved.  What do you think?

     This made the trip a little sad for hub's.  I did not tell him about the money as he would not handle it well.

     I have so much to do this week and the shop has been non stop busy this morning.  I will not be able to come up for air all week.  I have all the dirty laundry from the trip and the yard needs love, the house needs a thorough scrub and I do not have the money to pay the housekeeper this summer.  I also need to go to mom's next week to declutter her house.  The realtor wants the house decluttered.  Maybe it will sell before I get there.  Mom is lonely and getting weaker and weaker.  She does not want to sell (she tells me every time I talk to her),but knows it is necessary (she also tells me this every time I talk to her). She is now thinking of just getting rid of everything and coming with a suitcase. I am just letting her figure it out and she is slowly coming to her own conclusions. I just cannot wait to get her here and have one less thing to worry about.

     Well I am off like a prom dress :)  to sew up a storm.

Have a great and productive day!




  1. I would probably call the place and let them know some items were missing from your room. Nothing may ever come of it, but at least you will let them know that you know.

  2. sounds like old age to me. its possible. it happens. no big whoop.

  3. If you are certain about the vest, I would call about that. Love the expression, "Off like a prom dress."

  4. It seems pretty suspicious to me with three things going missing like that. I think I would call the hotel and just mention it without accusing anyone. There may be other complaints from other guests, and maybe they need to get to the bottom of it. I NEVER trust hotel employees. It's sad that I am so cynical. I bring very few valuables while traveling. Any jewelry is what I am wearing. When I traveled to Poland several times, I even brought my passport and cash into the bathroom with me and wore a fanny pack at night with my cash and the passport. They know all the tricks there and are waiting to make a move when you are not paying attention!