Thursday, July 30, 2015

Thursday, still rocking, or rocky?

 Hub's ate left overs and I cooked up some fried beans and squash along with a couple of streaks that he can slice and take in lunches.  Tonight I will do a cucumber and tomato salad, cantaloupe,bratwurst and salad.

Mom's cont:

     Monday morning when I got up I was very sick.  Sweaty and weak all day.  I had several customers come and I had one job that had to go out.  I would start it and get sweaty and light headed and have to go lay down.  I swear it took me about 6 hours to get that small job done I was so sick. I even had Hub's worried, but Tuesday I was pretty much back to my old self.

     I took an old settee from Mom's that has seen way better days.  It is somewhere between a green and a blue.  Very Ugly.  I also picked up that chair in navy blue.  A TV stand and some side tables for her new apartment front room.  A dresser and a side table for her bedroom.  This is her last semester of college and she will double major in chemistry and microbio.  Then she plans on being a TA for the next semester and studying for the MCAT?  Anyway she will take the rest of the year to see if she goes onto Medical school or into a PhD program.  She is looking at a couple in Montana of all places.

     Mom was fine with these possessions being removed from her home.  I also took a 16th century large fireplace screen with and picture of a Moor on a horse with his sword drawn.  It was needle point in the smallest beautiful stitches.  I am sure the needle point was redone by one of the greats.  Anyway this lovely antique was in parts on it's side in the cellar for the last 28 years.  Mom loves the dollar store and displays crap, like a plastic box with a butterfly on it and one of the wings is broken, then puts the screen in the cellar.  I just don't remember when her taste changed to junk.

     We still have not unloaded the truck as I will take all this furniture up to B's on Saturday.  Hub's is doing his Sheldon thing because I have the truck in the garage in case of rain.  Like that will happen.  In the mean time between sewing and garden and cooking and laundry(we will not talk about ironing)  I have been painting this old furniture in colors to tie the large pieces together.  Just running out to the drive way and giving things a coat and letting it dry between.

     Worked all day yesterday on a wedding dress, today I need to get that steamed and a pile of alterations done.  Tomorrow it will be bridesmaid dresses until I collapse.  The shop is looking very over full and I need to clean and organize it as I find it hard to really work in full chaos for long.

Out My Window:  Still getting three colors of eggs, so fun, and we have another heat wave coming it is supposed to be 110 here today.  Did someone say swimsuit?

Have a great and productive day!


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