Saturday, July 4, 2015

Saturday, Happy 4th of July!

$11.69 lunch out, $6.69 fresh mozzarella and stale bread. Salad for dinner. Left over pizza.

     Yesterday was like a day off.  Well it was a day off for hub's.  But as I had completed all my sewing goals, I had a free day in the shop.  I was able to get the third mock up of a bridesmaid dress done.  Yes #3!  I hated the first one, the second was not much better.  Threw out the design all together and went with the same fabrics and my own design,  Used a Burda pattern for the top and tweaked it a bit, meaning I changed it to what I wanted.  It turned out perfect.  So happy.  I have 7 of these suckers to do and now I can assembly line them for the most part,  Nothing is worse than designing a dress that won't come together unless it is getting it perfect and having to make 20 more just like it.  So boring.

     Hub's and I had a nice day in the process.  I took him to lunch and then we went to a semi-annual shoes sale at a very expensive shoe store in town where they sell work boots.  We were able to replace Hub's high top work tennis boots, with a very expensive pair for $65.00 plus tax.  Woo Hoo!  great buy.  Probably the last pair of work boots we will buy him.

     I also decided to replace my dress form.  Mine was second hand and over 30 years old.  It stood crooked and was almost impossible for me to adjust.  It would not adjust at all in certain spots.  I realized after messing with 3 mock ups of a bridesmaid dress that I had at least 12 bridesmaid dresses to make in the next 2 months and I was not going to fight that form.  It is one thing when you have the body.  When you are going from measurements.  4 of these girls will not be in until the day before the wedding so I will have dresses done in parts.  Complete lining, with boning but no in side seams so it can be easily adjusted.  Complete dress without hem.  then I can just adjust the side seams for a perfect fir and sew the lining and the dress together and hem.

     Joann's had dress forms for 1/2 price, I still thought the price was outrageous.  I had an additional 20% off coupon so that helped.  Now I can make all these and hang them until the maids come into be fit.

     Daughter #2 came home about 5 and the dress fit perfectly she loved it.  I only had to take the lace overlay in a little under the arms, cut the tulle underskirt to length and hem.  She looked beautiful. So glad that is off my plate.  I don't mind getting the dresses done it is the worry that bride and I like the results.  If something is tacky or ugly I try not to let it go out of my shop.  It is not good for business.  I will quietly suggest changes until it is acceptable and I have never had someone not like the results.  Well except for Bridezilla a few years ago, but those were alterations, not design work.

          Hub's. daughter and dog all walked the bridges this morning early.  I slept.  It is still very hot here.  106 yesterday, 114 down at the studio.  The heat just saps your drive.  I still love the heat.

We are going to have shrimp, salads, beach bread, strawberries and shortcake with whip cream for dinner. 

Have a great and productive and Happy 4th!


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