Saturday, July 18, 2015

Saturday, well laid plans.....

     I made the best dinner last night and so easy.  I had purchased a package of brats on sale and had them in the freezer.  I picked yellow squash, small eggplant, green beans from the garden then saute'd them in a little butter, added the brats to fry and when they were boiling under the skin I poked them to release the juice.  (stand back)  This released the hot juice and then continued to cook under a cover for 10 minutes.  Delicious and low carb! Served with cantaloupe and fresh tomatoes out of the garden.  Hub's loved it and we have enough for his lunch today.  I often buy brats when they are marked down with a sticker.

     I was able to get  1/2 way through my list yesterday with many interruptions.  I had to stop and fix a pair of pants, customers were picking up. I worked for about 4 hours and the upstairs was done. I also pulled down the lace curtains in mothers room and washed them, and washed all the bedding, hung it out on the fence to dry, much faster than the dryer.  I also had an emergency bride that will pick up after 3 today.  I worked until late last night on her dress.

     I was so excited yesterday as I found 3 eggs in the chicken coop.  They are starting to lay.  Yippee egg prices are atrocious. I should have no problem getting rid of these either.  7 eggs a day is way too many for hubs and I so if the neighbors don't want them I will sell them out of the shop.

     I need to get dressed and get my butt outside to weed.  Hubs had already cleaned the church and just went to get his hair cut.  After I get my yard work done I am going to get my nails done and then try to finish my list from yesterday. Well I won't finish it but I will get the yard work done and probably the sewing parts, the cleaning of the family room and books will likely wait until tomorrow.

     Hub's says the corn is ready and we are having fresh corn tomorrow.  Need to go and get groceries for the next week.

Have a great and productive day.


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