Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Wednesday, am I up? or am I down?

     Made eggplant Parmesan from garden it was a little salty, as I forgot and salted which you should never do with Parmesan as it is very salty.  But tonight I will serve it over spaghetti squash and without any salt.  Hubs is down another 3 lbs since I left for mother's and I am so happy. Green beans, crookneck squash fried up with steak strips for dinner  along with cucumbers and tomatoes.

     Mom's saga continued:

     Friday night after cleaning up a yard sale and crying all day, I had girlfriends come over for a few hours.  We laughed and laughed.  Then my good buddy from Lewiston came into town with her two girls.  We were attending the Celtic Festival the next day as one of my dancers was in the professional troupe performing.  We  got everyone to bed and I collapsed as my eyes were so sore.  I had been up at 6:30 my time for four days in a row and I do not do early morning well plus the time difference.  I was finally able to sleep in till about 8:30 which was heaven.  We were able to get everyone out the door by about 10:30 and on our way to the festival in downtown Missoula.  Mom had an umbrella stroller in the garage that we used for my girlfriends youngest and it was a life saver.

     Strolled the Festival bought a few silly things for the girls, went to the farmers market, beautiful market but prices way too high, and what do they do with all that food when it doesn't sell?  I saw blocks of stalls full of produce and not many people buying.  We ran into other dancers that we knew and got ready to watch my Emmy dance.  Of course she was the best.  Front and center in all the groups, even made the front and second page of the Sunday paper. I am so proud of her, she has worked very hard to get here.  I took off about 1:30 as I had a get together with girlfriends from grade school.  Two of these girls I had not seen in almost 40 years!  It was so fun.  Lot's of catching up and laughter. Most of these actually all of these women live in the area, I was the outsider, it was charming to see how they take care of each other now that they have lost parents, been widowed, divorced, had serious health issues.  The first thing on the table for discussion was who could pick up Debbie Anne from her doctor appointment and take her back to Stevens ville 40 miles away.  She had just gotten out of the hospital and Barbara Anne had picked her up and taken her home and spent the night with her.  Now she would drive back to get her to a doctors appointment and who would take her home as Barbara had to work?  They just figured out who would take the duties of the week and one of them would get her home from her next surgery and keep her at their house until she fully recovered.  It is an amazing group of women and I was proud to know them.

     I walked back to mom's house with the full intention of going back to the festival to meet my girlfriend.  I had not been feeling super good all day.  I did not know if it was the horrible day I had before or I was coming down with something.  I also had run out of a medication that I take for muscular skeletal pain.  It works really well and keeps me from taking narcotics which are addicting.  I only walked two blocks home to mom's and by the time I got there I was throwing up.  I scared mom to death coming in and sweating and vomiting.  She thought maybe I had drank too much and then remembered that I was not the twin that drank.  I guess she saw me sprawled out on the bed so out of it and she thought I was my sister, well we do look alike and I guess we really look alike when drunk..  Sorry sis but you have given us a couple of good visuals:)  I slept for an hour and my friend and her girls came home.

     I was able to get up and felt pretty good, so I suggested that we go out to Ross and TJMaxx.  I needed to get mom a few new pairs of shorts.  She only had two pairs that fit.  She is still losing weight and even her shoes are too big.  She looks like a bag lady in her clothes so I have been getting rid of the old and getting a few new pieces every time I see her.  My friend bought school clothes for her girls and of course when you are shopping with someone especially children and (My Mom) you don't get to shop for yourself.  I was starting to feel sick again and we headed home to crash for the night  I was very ill most of the night, I even slept on the outside of the bed so I would not have to climb over mom all night.  Slept in the next day and mom went to church I was a slacker.

     I broke the Sabbath and took mom to get her some new sandals.  She had stretched her old ones out and her toes were actually over the front edge, very dangerous.  We hit a really good designer jewelry sale at Dillard's where the pieces were $2.69 and $2.99 and had so much fun.  I am not a big jewelry person.  I have a few signature pieces and I refuse to pay big money for costume jewelry.  I will however pay $2.69 for a $90.00 necklace.  I then took her to Herbrgers and we got 3 new pairs of sandals and another pair of shorts, sorry sis used you credit card:)  Then we went out to see one of my Missoula friends granddaughters ride in a makeshift 4-H rodeo.  I wanted my friends from Lewiston to watch as her older daughter does the same thing.  Nice to see the program from two different areas.  We then took off for mom's and loaded furniture into the truck and her car and headed home.   I was still off my feed as we say in the west but feeling able to drive.

     Stopped at Herberger's on the way out of town and told my girlfriends older daughter who is 11 to take her younger sister to the play area and give us at least 20 minutes to shop.  Well I did not realize we had only 20 minutes before they closed.  You should have scene us running.  I had already scoped out an outfit for her earlier.  It worked and we purchased a great set of pieces for her and had a few good laughs, then it was on to Kohls where I bought a funny chair for B's college apartment on a really good sale.  It was like they wanted to get rid of them because the clerk kept finding me coupons when he found out we did not have a Kohls where we live.  I was okay with that.  Still did not eat as I did not trust my stomach, we caravaned  the 4 hours over the pass.

     More details to come:

Out My Window:  My flowers are beautiful, and it is going to get in the 110's again here.  Oh goody.  My chickens laid a blue and brown and 2 white eggs, so 4 of the 7 are laying.  So cute.

I sewed all day yesterday and I did not catch up at all this is what i get when I leave town.  So no rest for the wicked.

Have a great and productive day!



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