Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Wednesday, change of plans

No Spend, Dinner was burgers, Asian coleslaw, left over cucumber salad.  I made the coleslaw with cabbage and onions from the garden. Tonight leftover's.

     We had a change of plans for our weekend.  Because of Wildfires our daughter's fiance cannot get time off.  He works outside of Wenatchee, Wa. where things are a bit hot right now and he is the only officer that has also fought wild land fires.  So plenty of overtime.  Daughter also accepted some additional shifts.  So instead of us going up there, she will come down here.  This will save us in so many ways.  Less gas, less food, less temptation for hub's diet, less meals out and entertainment.  I do not have to hire someone to take care of the yard, chickens, water, etc for 3 extra days.

     We can have a nice picnic here, watch the fireworks.  We need to work on her friends bridesmaid dresses and that will be easier here.  So we will leave to join our oldest at the coast on Monday.  So much easier.  I am relieved.  Just less stress, especially about money.

     I did a little house work yesterday, changed the sheets on the beds and also laundry.  Took the things out on the front fence to dry.  It took about 10 minutes to dry a large sheet.  So much shorter than running the dryer forever. I did not get to the floors yesterday like I wanted to so will do that today.  Then I will tackle the ironing after I get my sewing done.  But is the sewing ever really done?

     I really sewed hard yesterday and will continue today.  I have to press two bridesmaid dresses and I have four going out today.  Three shirts to shorten the sleeves and three pairs of pants to hem.  Then I have a pile of dresses to alter.  I am just a sewing cyclone here.

     It was cooler last night and we also were able to see a neat crossing of the planet Venus with another planet that I have forgotten the name of this minute.  We stayed out on our deck to watch it.  We did not see the full collusion as it went down below the horizon.

     Well I need to get busy as no one has offered to come in and do my work.

Have a great and productive day.



  1. Glad your changes of plans will save you some expense but you'll still get to be with your daughter.

    We had hamburgers last night too, along with fried zucchini. Mmmmm.

  2. It was Canada Day here today, but my dh is off on Friday instead, so we are celebrating both days.

  3. We had our Canada Day (July 1) celebrations yesterday - I went to the park with friends - there was live music and a tremendous fireworks display. I'm glad things worked out so you have less stress about money, what a relief!