Thursday, July 2, 2015

Thuursday, too much to say...

$76.36, soda,sugar free ice cream treats, fruit, whip cream,make-up,  $23.65, shave cream, cheese,veggies, personal items.  Leftovers for dinner last night, I made myself a BLT on a low carb tortilla.  Yum.

     I just got word that we lost another young man in our church. He was 17 and involved in a helicopter crash yesterday.  I am beginning to dislike July.  My prayers go out to the family and also to my girlfriend who lost her 14 year old last year on the 1st.  Too much sadness.  On that note...

     We have another blogger whom I love leaving because of snarky comments.  Can't we be nice to each other?  We are all different, each of us has a lifestyle others probably think is crazy.  It is our crazy.  We are not asking you to approve or live like us just to love and accept us.  If you need to leave a comment meant for the betterment of the person be kind.  If you can't be nice keep your thoughts to yourselves.  There are many blogs that I read and comment on where I think, "What are they doing, and why?"  But to criticize their choices is wrong.  If they ask for help you can give advice but do it gently.  Believe me I have wanted to really rip a few people I thought ( and still think) are idiots, but I don't.  Now I have lost touch with a friend.  It makes me sad.

     I am doing a secret pizza shop tonight so pizza for dinner, I know hubs is excited.   It is a treat.  The even bigger treat is that I get paid for it!

     I have picked 2 ripe tomatoes!  I have never had tomatoes this early before.  I am sure it is because of the early heat.  It usually rains most of June.  So I can make a caprese salad tonight with fresh mozzarella, basil and tomato from the garden. 

Low -carb Asian coleslaw

I small cabbage shredded
2 large carrots shredded
2 tablespoons onion shredded
1/8  c milk
1/8 c  vinegar (I use any kind available)
1/8 c sesame oil
1/8 c sugar ( I use 3 packages of sweet and low)
1 tbs sesame seeds
1/4 cup mayo
salt and pepper to taste. 

Mix and enjoy!

     Did a lot of sewing yesterday trying to catch up.  What a joke.  I still have 3 dresses to alter and one to hem.  Then I just got a call from a desperate bride ( getting married Saturday) dress does not fit  so I will be working on that.  I hope it is not too difficult.  My house needs love and the ironing has taken to mocking me.  Soon I will be naked and the neighbors will be complaining.

     Two people in the last two days have told me I look good.  They have actually asked if I had work done?  Both of them.  I think sweat must become me.  It makes me look dewy and fills in the wrinkles?  Yeah, I had work done, what are they thinking?  I hate to get wet ( but I do bathe).  I hate putting on make-up, but I do.  I really don't like to mess with my hair.  I am a whatever is easiest person.  I am really kind of lazy when it comes to my personal appearance.  Just a button down and a pair of cotton shorts.  Nothing fancy.  I might make a little more effort for church.  As in I put on earrings, and pluck my eyebrow.    I have one it grows clear across my face and is white with holes in it, so I have to fill in the holes.

     Well those dresses are waiting so I had better get to work.  Does someone want to come and dust and vacuum my family room it is disgusting?

Out My Window:  Sunny and still 102, but I think I am getting used to it.

Have a great and productive day!




  1. Not sure if you were talking about me, but I am still here lurking and will be commenting, just not posting for a while. I need a break. Love you lots and will enjoy reading about your triumphs and not-so-triumphs.

    By the way - I am so like you with personal care. Hair is in a pony tail most of the time and I throw on the knit pants and a tank daily. It is comfy sewing attire!

    1. Kim - you are so right about people being mean in their comments.

      Jennifer - I meant to respond to you posting and tell you that only you know what is right for you. And I didn't take the time and when I saw your note yesterday I was so upset I didn't. I am so sorry you were hurt.

  2. I try really hard to not leave mean comments and Jennifer I really hope I didn't offend you and if I did I am sorry. Most of the time my comments are meant to be "food for thought" type meaning did you think about this or that? Ultimately it comes down to each person to make their own life decisions.

    1. I don't think it was you. It was the personal attacks that got to me. I know I am very sensitive, but it is my make-up. Taking a step back is a good thing.

    2. Trust me...I get it. A troll started a hate blog dedicated to me!

  3. I had an exciting morning, I shaved my one told me I look good though...LOL

    1. So the grand kids were repelling off your knees or what? Sometimes I forget and only shave one leg. Or I miss this certain spot on my knee. I call it my Brillo pad knee. You look great!

  4. The slaw sounds really good!

    I do hope you charge "rush" fees. I hate the thought of anyone taking advantage of someone doing them a service.

    I am one of those whose beauty routines is also the path of least resistance. I am so glad I found bb cream. It has been a summertime lifesaver with moisturizer, sunscreen and tint all in one. Hair? Well that is another matter. I swim daily and just wash my hair then clip it wet. If I scare dogs or make grown me retch, well, so be it.

    Let me be the first to tell you Gill, you look good