Thursday, July 16, 2015

Thursday, Still chained to machine

    $17.49, ice cream sugar, free ice cream, hair dye, chicken.  Chicken for dinner, leftover salad, tomatoes, fruit.

     I was able to get one wedding dress out yesterday and another came in of course.  I will have another one out today and hopefully many other items.  I have a pile of alterations to do and can then start on a couple of other wedding dresses.  I also need to work on some custom bridesmaid dresses and flower girl things.  Hopefully ( that is a favorite phrase of mine) I will get into the custom stuff this evening.

     My mother's house sold yesterday, a full price offer with a contingency of the sellers selling their place.  Shocking to be sure, but it gives her a little more time to get adjusted to the move. I am expecting her to have a break down over it within a few days.  But I am also very excited.  This means when I go over there next week I can really get rid of many things and store and sort.  Rather scary, going through a life time of things.  I am just happy she will be there and I am not going to have to do it by myself or with my sisters, although we would have great laughs over it.

     I went outside grab something out of the truck about 5 p.m. and saw a weed in the front flower bed, well it was way more than a weed.  This turned into drinking a soda while weeding for a solid hour.  My obsessive/compulsive  personality s took over.  There is still more to do. Ugh!  Never ending yard work.

  Lat night Hub's and I took off about 6 p.m. with our bikes (right after my weeding marathon)to ride out to a camp ground (3) miles from the boat launch in town.  We had 2 1/2 gallons of ice cream and thought that we could get there within about 15 minutes and we would be okay.  Just as we were biking a phone call came through from an unknown # and it was the friends we were to meet.  They had no cell phone service and were calling to say they were running late.  I mean really late.  We continued out, and arrived to a camp spot we thought was theirs.  They did not arrive until about 7:30, so the ice cream was pretty soupy.  We had deer walk within feet of us as we sat quietly at the picnic table.  When they arrived we were able to meet their friends from California.  Such nice people.  6  children from 16 down to 7 and they were all lovely.  These kids were all beautiful like the Von Traps.  I wonder if they sing?  Anyway we had such a nice visit.  Hub's and our friends, friend hit it right off as they are both foresters.  We did not leave the camp ground until 9:30. It was dark but we had lights on the bikes.  We had to be very careful until we actually got back on the bike trail as there were so many deer.  We almost ran into one.  Now I have hit deer with my car more than once, but never on a bike.  We ran into other bikers without lights and told them to walk into the grounds or they would be toast.We had a lovely time!  The ice cream soup was great but the friendship was best of all.

     Got home about 10 p.m. tired.  My knees are a little sore today.  I hemmed 5 more pairs of pants and replaced a zipper before I went to bed.

     I have a bride coming in at 11:30 so I had better wrap things up and get to work.

Have a great and productive day.



  1. You are the hardest worker! Truly, I feel like a lazy bum after I read your posts! Good to hear about your mom's home selling so quickly.

  2. Good news on the home selling! We have a friend who's son put his house up for sell last week and it sold that same day - crazy!. Your evening sounds like a fun time.