Monday, May 8, 2017

Monday, Saving Madness

     It was so nice to have a weekend of just being.  I was busy but it was not the frantic busy.  It was Kim busy.  I made a very nice roast yesterday using a marked down roast I bought for $6.48 and free carrots and onions and potatoes!   It was so good , mom loved it and went right to bed after dinner.  SO I had a freed evening.  Hub's was at quartet practice.  He is begging me to learn to play the cello as he knows if he does he will never play the violin again.  We have two cello's so what is my excuse?  TIME!

     I have many wedding dresses this week and a huge pile of things to do.  I also want to get some yard things done, but don't know about today.  I was able to plant most of the garden this weekend.  Still have to get marigolds and hubs will plant potatoes and onions.  I also weeded 3 of the front beds and must finish up the fourth and then clean up the mess I made.  I want to use the new trimmer and I need to clean up where hubs took down yews and planted blueberries.  Does it ever end?

     So onto Money savings for last week!

1.  Cooked all meals at home (some with dried beans)
2. Albertsons grocery run with a 71% savings, lots of coupons and free items
3. Bought soda for the month on sale as it was 1/2 price so we did a stock up.
4.  Albertsons shop again 59% savings  again lots of coupons and free items
5. Joanns savings bought 5 patterns for 5.42 that would have cost over 100.00 bought full price like I would have paid full price.  Right?
6.  Bought many plants for 1/2 price mark downs.  I can make anything grow outside.
7. Made cake with a frees cake mix just add my eggs and old apples
8. Dried a box of free pears, they are delicious and we were almost out of dried fruit.
9.Made all costume for dance studio with donated fabric and scraps from around here and a friends stash.  ( see I even save money for other people)

     I am so happy last week is over. I am onto a bigger and better week I tell you.  Well just not as stressful and busy.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Have a great week! How you get as much done in the time you have is beyond me!

    1. I wish I had a cello hanging around. I would love to try and learn.

    2. Hey come visit and I will send you home with one, we are being taken over by instruments.

  2. Glad you are less busy this you have time to reply to the email I sent you this morning. lol

  3. Maybe you will have time to learn to play the cello when hubs learns to make costumes and wedding I'm glad you have time for some yard time.

    1. I sat in the hot sun today and hemmed a dress it was lovely.

  4. #9?!?!? Don't you know you are supposed to pocket the difference between what you charge parents for costumes and what they actually cost?
    Yeah, there are good reasons I left my last studio...

    1. Meaning, *I* didn't do that, the director did. Disgusting behavior if you ask me.

    2. I make and design many of the one of a kind costumes so I never really broke even.