Thursday, July 16, 2020

Thursday, Moving ahead

     Well I was able to pack up the spare bath and the spare room last night.  Hubs packed up his shoes and emptied out two of his drawers.  We only have one dresser and I used four drawers that are in our bathroom for some of my clothes.  As we can't take the drawers with us I told hubs he needs to downsize his stuff.  Hubs is a terrible saver and I am a thrower awayer.   He cannot have three junk drawers in the new place.  Sorry you have to downsize your crap.

     We met with our financial advisor yesterday and they are going to put some funds direct deposit into our checking account.  I also checked another account on line and our loan has been approved through another retirement account.  Now we just have to wait for funds.  This is nerve racking, I don't think I will sleep well until I know the money is in the bank.

     We have decided on a piano mover now just have to pick a day next week that we can do that.  I also have to get online and order a new chicken coop kit.  The new owners of our house want our coop.  I want that put together before we move.

     I was really proud of myself yesterday, I was able to really pump out the sewing.  All I have left to do is get a bridesmaid dress done and two more wedding dresses. There are 5 wedding dresses in the shop right now, but three should be gone before we move. I am hoping after getting the two done that are due out this month I can just concentrate on the move and not have to do any more sewing unless it is something fast and easy like hemming.

     So today's list:

1. hem bridesmaid dress
2. hem and alter wedding dress call for fitting
3. alter wedding dress call for fitting
4. clean up shop
5. pack several drawers and cup boards in our master bath
6. call todd about fixing something
7. order a chicken coop
8. call graphic artist about new signage

I just picked eggplant, yellow squash,tomatoes,from the garden.  We are having some kind of stir fry with chicken for dinner.  I also need to pick beans again.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. You are certainly moving forward. If a few boxes get handled each day, you will get there.

    1. Eating this elephant one bite at a time.

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  2. You are crushing it! I remember we didn't sleep for weeks over the financing. It was *SO* stressful.

    1. Well the money is here now we need to get it released. What I don't know are all the variables. Aghhh!

  3. I never stressed on financing on any of the houses we bought. Maybe I should The whole thing was hard, but i was young!

    1. Well we are trying to pay cash and we only have so much.

  4. We had a stir fry with chicken & veggies last night too Kim. You are making great progress my friend ... just keep on keeping on - putting one foot in front of the other. It will all come together. xx

  5. I cleaned out a closet this week and was happy it is all neat and organized now. I'm like you, I like to toss stuff and keep it neat and tidy.

  6. Our mortgage broker almost pulled his hair out due to problems .... we just figured it had to be something. THankful we didn't lose the house of over it

    1. My broker seems to be so calm, but then she is not paying for this house.

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