Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thursday, up early at the yard sale!

     Well it has not been super busy, sold a few books and clothes, but no furniture and I need to sell furniture.  I did get quite a bit done yesterday as far as putting things away, but still have mountains to do.  I took Sluggy's advice and I am just concentrating on the yard sale.  I am closing sale up at noon so I can sew.   I also want to get mailers out tomorrow so I will get those ready tonight.  I can address and stuff while watching the sale.

     I am anxious to see how well the adds in the paper work for the sewing shop.  I advertize in the daily paper, but never in this weekly free paper.  So we will see.  You probably think I am crazy to want more business, but this is what pays for gas and groceries and anything extra and there seems to be a lot of extra!
     We did get all those beanie babies re bagged and stored and then ran to Albertson's foods for a prescription and hubby found a big display of beanies for $4.99 a piece.  He said he didn't think I had this particular beanie and I knew he was being sarcastic.  I did not buy these my mom did and I mean she had to have bought several thousand.  Where was her brain?  So each grand child has boxes and boxes.  What a scam.  I used to just shake my head when she would come with more of them.  But now I bag and save them so am I any better?

     Out My Window: Beautiful ,clear, warm, perfect weather.

     While I am waiting for yard salers I am going to do the ironing.  Yuck.  It is better than sitting around doing nothing.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Hope the yardsale is going great!

  2. It's Friday already??? Did I sleep through Thursday?lol

  3. Yeah, I thought it was Thursday too :) I think Saturday will be the best for your yard sale. I hope you'll sell tons!

  4. Ahh...the beanie baby craze. I remember it well. My son had maybe a dozen and then realized the scam. Some were selling for tons, especially the Princess Diana purple one. But unless you acted quickly, you lost money. They were for sell everywhere. And then McD's got into the act. You if would like more(insert sarcasm) many thrift stores sell them.

    Good luck with the yard sale.
    blessings, jill

  5. Okay I haven't been drinking but I am not an early bird and it felt like Friday!

  6. Get rid of the beanies....what do you think they are going to do for you in the closet?