Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wednesday, time to get moving on what really matters!

     Well here it is Wednesday and I still have not balanced books, paid bills, or  deep cleaned the front room.  I did get new inhalers yesterday!  We will see if these work.   But dress is done and college crap is out of shop.  I also think I may have the furniture sold  in the garage.  I am only asking $130.00 total so I believe someone is coming tomorrow morning.  I can then add that to daughter's college fund.

 Here is dress finished and it fits like a glove.  Too cute, one red satin cocktail dress cost $16.00. (and time)

     I had a terrible experience yesterday in my shop.  I usually separate all sewing due for the day into piles or in the closet.  Because I had the yard sale my large cutting table was outside.  This kind of threw my general organization. If things need to go out say Wednesday afternoon, they are put in the Wednesday pile.  I will usually do the daily things in the morning.  Well yesterday I had to teach that ballet class at the last minute, so I did not sew in the morning.  About 12:30 a gentleman that was not a regular customer came to pick up his pants.  I am running a 3 pair hemmed for the price of 2 special.  I had done  one pair and  had mended a small tear under the arm of a jacket, I do not charge for simple mending but throw it in with the deal.  I could not find 2 pair of his pants.  Now I am pretty darn organized and have never lost anything in 25 years.  We did have two doctors who were at the shop at the same time get their pants mixed up, but that was was easily solved and then Hubby threw away a bag of hunting coats.  But He asked me if this was sewing or garbage and I said garbage so my fault.  I paid the woman for the coats.  It was awful but I knew I did it and I took full responsibility.  That is it in 25 years. Now here NO PANTS.

     I started to panic and tore the shop up.   Had I done with the pants?  I always do everything in a pile when I sew.  I do not split things up because it causes confusion.   The man just acted strange and weird. Well how should he act?  I guess what is normal when someone loses your things?  But in my defense and there is non, he had showed up at the house in the morning and I was not here as I was teaching and he was upset about that.  He also would not leave a phone # as he does not like telephones.  He would not wait last Thursday for me to do the pants as he had an appointment.  I asked him again for a phone # as I knew these pants had to be some where and I would find them.  I mean never, ever have I lost anything.  He said no he would check back.  I felt so, stupid, bad, foolish, unprofessional,I mean really.....

     Anyway, I calmed down and really thought about it and I realized that either someone picked them up by accident or one of my family moved them.  I really do not allow family to be in the shop unless there is a specific reason,like ironing.  It is a place of business and not a playground.  So I talked to baby elephant, no she had gone through all of her things and put them away at college.  I waited until Hubby came home and asked him and he said no he had not seen them but there were two pairs of pants matching that description up at Daughter #2's apt. that we visited this weekend.  I smelled a rat.  I asked him , "When you came downstairs with your clothes and suit did you accidentally pick up two pairs of pants thinking they were yours?"   No he did not do that. But he did. Daughter #2 found them and they are being shipped here.

     Now my question to you is if you put your things into an empty closet and noticed two pairs of pants that were not yours wouldn't you be curious?  When you went to leave wouldn't you think are those mine?  This closet was empty before I got here now there are two additional pairs of old men pants in here.  My daughter lives alone and her boyfriend would not wear these.  Or if he did what in hell were they doing in her apartment?  No didn't think any of these things.  But we all know he put the pants in the closet.  I am upset as the bumble strikes once again.  At least I found the pants they can be returned to the owner.  I am ashamed.
      I try to keep hubby out of the shop as he spills, drops, steps on, knocks things over, generally destroys things on a regular basis.  He just does not see detail unless he sees too much detail.  If he is concentrating on something the detail is beyond what any human would ever think, but the rest of the world is a fog.  He does not see normal everyday detail.  Shutting cupboards, turning off water, flushing toilets, matching his clothes, putting his belt through all the loops.  You get it.  Boy do I get weary trying to do detail for both of us.

     Out My Window:  It was 107 at the airport yesterday which means it was 112 at our house and 116 at the dance studio.  Very hot!  I need to go water the flowers.

     So this morning I am going to pay bills,  I mean it!  I promise and then sew,sew,sew.  It is too hot upstairs to do much cleaning, I will concentrate downstairs.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Oh man. I am glad you found those pants, but you're being too hard on yourself! As you said, it's only happened once in 25 years, and it wasn't your fault at all. It was actually nobody's fault and it was an honest mistake, so brush your shoulders and go on. The last thing you need is more stress! Especially in that heat. Hope the inhalers do the trick, or at least part of it.

  2. Breathe Kim, breathe.

    That is what I do when Mr. Wonderful does the very same things. Like yesterday morning while washing the truck. I asked him, "why don't you wash it under the car port?" He stated the hose would not reach. That got my mind thinking. So I asked him. "But you picked up an extra hose two weeks ago when you bought the heavy duty extension cord, when you walked to the hardware store." Notice I to had to add detail...hehehe. He is insisting he did not, so now I am on the hunt for the receipt. Either we lost a hose, or I'm losing my mind;-)

    I guess you can not get a lock for your sewing room???

    blessings, jill

  3. Beautiful dress! Glad you found the pants. Stay positive :)

  4. the pants were NOT lost....merely misplaced.....ALWAYS put a positive spin on

    Now get on those bills.....remember, I am watching you. ;-)

  5. You found the pants. The guy might not be a repeat customer after this...but so be it. Crisis averted.

    Go water those flowers!

  6. Have you any news if Judy is going to blog anymore?

  7. Men...I don't even want to go there...I'm glad you found these pants :)