Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday late, some kinds of help....

         The late poet Shel Silverstein had a great poem called Help.  It is perfectly appropriate for my last two days.

And some kind of help are the kind of help
that helpings all about.
Other kind of help are the kind of help
We'd rather do without.
( this is roughly quoted)

     I spent late into the night Wednesday, searching internet sites and getting all my ordering lined up for the upcoming recital.  I had 6 sites with long lists of costume parts and pieces.  Over $5000.00 worth of goods.  I spent Thursday morning placing orders and checking by phone for availability and changing things that would not ship on time.  Finally it was all done and I did not get to blog as I had several sewing things that were due out.  So on my way upstairs to get something to eat (it was about noon) the phone rings and it is the fraud department from our CU saying that my CC had been used recently on several odd sites, like Wizard of Oz .com so they had shut down the card and dispatched all the charges. 

  Now I had to call all the companies who had or had not saved my orders, and I had to wait until Friday morning to replace everything and pray that is was still available.  I swear monkey costumes are really hard to find this time of year.

     The sewing shop has been really busy and I am slowly catching up, I think, but I still had several fancy gowns to get out this week and many Easter things to get done.  It has been nuts here the last two days.  I just don't remember a dance recital taking this much time and detail, or is it like childbirth and you forget?

     I am being very diligent about costumes this year and saving every receipt  (I always do this) but I am keeping a journal and writing every expense down, so I can make sure and charge parents.  I will not go deeper into debt with this recital.

     It is supposed to be beautiful tomorrow in the 70's I can't wait.  I am going to work outside and plant the garden!

Have a restful night.



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