Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wednesday, still feel frustrated....

     I just feel like I will never catch up.  I think it is because I have had the same two piles of dresses to go out all torn up and on my ready table since last Friday.  I start and don't finish anything and it is an aggravation.  I get distracted and then buzz to a different project.  So today I will finish one at a time.  Two pieces actually just need to be pressed.  Then I need to get the other pile done and quit spraying my time all  over the place.

     We had a costume crisis last night thinking we had not ordered enough of one costume or they had been stolen, but I just called company and they are on back order. My ballet Mistress swears she counted 12 but when they were tried on we were missing 3, so we have decided to write down as we count.  It is so hard to keep track of every detail when you have so many kids and parts.  But that snafu is over, well not really over until costumes are in hand.

     I am baking bread this morning as I get things done.  I was able to refill the linen closet as it had to be emptied by the plumber yesterday. So the bathroom and spare bedroom were all tore up.  I am a  little sleepy today, although I slept good last night with the help of a sleeping pill.  I don't really like to take them as they make me feel hung over.  I have never been hung over, but I guess they make me feel droopy the next day.   I will fight through it.

     It is beautiful day outside.  So pretty and it will be warm by this weekend.  I am off to my sewing machines and I will finish and get on with this stuff I swear.  I only teach one class tonight so I should be fine. 

Out My Window:  Gorgeous blooming plants everywhere.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Being hung over feels like the first trimester of pregnancy. You feel nauseous and the thought of some food makes you want to vomit while the thought of other food makes you very hungry.

    Take it easy, Kim. Have a good day!

  2. I hope you can fit in time for a nice bath (or tubby as I like to call them) now that the plumber has been and gone. Perhaps one before bed to get you all relaxed. Might help you sleep?