Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday, still working, still working

     Sissie, you will be so proud of me.  I have my money tucked away!  Yippee!

     I am stressed about this summer and studio bills as I have not been able to save as I wanted to, so my sister suggested that I just make it a goal to stash away $100.00 a week for the next 7 weeks.  In the summer rent is my biggest concern and Junes bills are not a problem, because we are just off a recital, but it gets very tricky in July and August.  So right now as the shop is very busy and will stay busy (hopefully) I am going to try and save $700.00 just for the rent in July or August and with the money in savings I should be okay.  She just made it sound so easy.  She always does.  Whenever I get into a jam mentally or financially she is there, not always with money but she has rescued my butt more times than I want to admit. However her biggest help to me is just good advice.  I wish you all had a sister like her.

     I sewed like a mad woman yesterday and will have to today also.  I have two wedding dresses due out at about 3 today.  Hubs string quartet is playing at The Dogwood Festival at the college, but it is very cold and rainy today. (not a good day for an outdoor festival)  They will not take their instruments out in the rain.  I feel sorry for the developers.  Having a rainy weekend just makes the festival miserable and  no one attends.  I know I will not be going.  Also one of the Washington County's is having their fair this weekend, again, how miserable. Many of my students have animals in that fair and they were describing how cold and dreary it is in the barns. I won't be going to that either.  I am such a party pooper.

     This is my last weekend free before the show so I will take advantage of it by getting things done and doing a little relaxing.  The house is a little messy and I have laundry to finish.  No kids will be home this weekend so I don't have to worry about them.  Hub's and I will attend a fund raiser for a local man running for Senate.  I told the woman in charge that I would bring a plate of finger foods.  (I cannot spell ourdvours, horse d vours, dors de whors, okay now we are just getting awkward)  So I will make beach bread, cheap simple and every one loves it.  Stale french baguette( I can spell baguette), thin slice of fresh mozzarella, thin slice Roma tomato, basil leaf and sprinkled with EVO.  Delicious!  It is also very pretty.

Out My Window:  Cold, dreary, socked in foggy weather.  You cannot see the valley below my house.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Just an idea - since summer is always so hard for you....the other months of the year can you pay extra on your rent and amortize a years rent out over 10 months, when you have income coming in and that way you won't have rent payments in July or August, or at least lower payments?

    1. We thought about that at least my sissie did:), but my landlord would immediately raise the rent if he thought I could pay more. I realize I could put the extra in savings but I already try to save and it gets spent on what ever emergency comes up. Like furnace repair or ASCAP fees!

    2. Well, that's too bad he would do that. I thought of this idea, rather than putting it aside in your own account, as I know how easy it is to spend on other emergencies! It's too bad you couldn't explain to him that you barely have income July and August and that is the only reason you want to pay extra the other months. Why can't people just be nice and understanding?!

  2. Yay for putting away your money!!!

  3. I wish i had sisters like bith of you!!!!

  4. Good for you for being able to put money away. Could you do that throughout the year in an online saving account (like ING or Capital One or whatever it is called these days)? That way it would be harder for you to access (takes a couple days to get back to your regular account)? Just an idea....We have been doing that for our trash/water/auto insurance.