Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tuesday, dreaded list done!

     I have been putting off so many dreaded paperwork problems and they have been keeping me up at night.  So yesterday was set aside for fixing all of these issues. 

     First of all taxes are due today in the US.  I had to remember to mail a $305.00 check to the state.  I also had received a check from our medical saving over a month ago to pay the close to $800.00 worth of bills left from hub's two minor surgeries.  The check sat un cashed and the bills unpaid.   Finally disbursed those and realized I had not asked for enough money out of the account so had to make it up myself, DA%^!  I had 4 envelopes from SSI to send additional tax forms and also a letter denying my claim but the request for tax forms came after the denial so I sent all of them in, requiring the tearing apart of the entire under the stair closet for taxes from 3 years ago.  Now I feel as I fight this I will have all the records copied and ready to go. 

     I needed to get a letter out to parents on costume costs and recital schedules.  I also needed to get a schedule for workshops out early enough for parents to get organized for summer.   So after this was composed I went to the printers and had all the paper work for SSI copied and additional copies made for studio. 

     I also did the dreaded FAFSA yesterday as I have been putting that off and actually it did not take me too long to get it done, but as I have been doing this for 17 years I should be good at it by now.

     I was really struggling with the studio checking account.  I was able to get payroll done by the skin of my teeth and I felt like money was missing, but having worked at a bank I know they don't lie, and then I picked up my statement and found a $900.00 deposit that went into the wrong account.  I do balance with my statement, but I don't read everything on both sides of the stupid papers they send.  Well now I will.  No wonder I have no money to pay the bills.  So I was able to pay all the bills for the month and catch up, now I just have to get more money in to get the rest paid.  I do have a large deposit for today and I will pay rent and be broke again. Story of my life.

     I have really been struggling with costumes for this show and finally got to Joanns to figure some things out.  Walked around and around and finally talked myself out of making a bunch of things as I always lose money and become overworked and frustrated.  I did purchase the fabric for the Dorothy costume and I am in the process of getting other things ordered.

     I was sent the poster graphic last night and made a few changes which will make it available for the printers tomorrow so I should have the posters ready to put around town this weekend and a commercial up by next week.   It is just staying on top of everyone and I myself need someone to stay on top of me.

     I was also able to sketch the graphics for the black and white scene props and I will take them into the artist for scale and dimension since this is not my area of expertise. Hub's will need to cut the back grounds out of really thin balsa board, then he can paint the backs black and the artist can cartoon the front.

     So I feel like I got a load off my chest, lot's of paper work done.  Of course it is never truly done as I have another discrepancy with the CC company to fight but at least I have all of the paper work clipped together and I am going to take care of that today!  I also need to balance both checking accounts which I will do today.  Then I feel like I can face the recital and get on with the lists and lists of things that need to be done.
     So all in all I feel like I just pulled many things off the desk that I needed  attention.  These things have been really bugging me.

     Right now my shop is a total sty, so after I get a little more paper work done and a few more bills paid I am going to get it cleaned and organized.

Do any of you put things off and develop a dreaded pile or list?  I mean really important things that gnaw at you?

Out My Window:  Hub's got the garden tilled last night so that means I need to go and finish it and get it planted, but that is for another day, I have enough to do today thank you!

Have a great and productive day!


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  1. Good for you for getting things done! I also have a dreaded pile...it is my entire desk area. Things get done, or not...then get piled on my desk to deal with later. Like filing bills, balancing the check book, etc. Right now, on my dreaded list is tweaking my resume to send it out, and start decluttering this house.....guess I should get working on that I suppose, maybe tomorrow! :)