Thursday, April 24, 2014

Thursday, up and at'em

     Stayed up way too late last night.  Why do I do that?  I say I am going to go to bed early and then I start reading a book or watching a movie and then I am dragging the rest of the day. But I made myself get up this morning and I am bathed, coiffed and ready to meet my public.

     Hubs was transposing music last night while I made bread.  He came home last night and said, "We are out of bread."  I knew that, just did not have time for it yesterday.  Right now I have a couple of loads of wash to do and plenty of sewing.

     Everything is in full bloom in this valley and it is so beautiful, but rainy and cold. Which I should be grateful for or I would get no sewing done as I would be out in the nice weather, working in the yard.

    Costume boxes are arriving and the ballet mistress and I need to go through and look at everything and get the music put together for the show.  I hope we can do that this weekend.  At least a rough cut.  I want to get all caught up in the shop as much as possible so I can concentrate on recital props and things the next couple of weeks.

     So I had better get busy as I have to teach at 3 today.

Have a great and productive day!


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  1. It seems like you just finished a major show and now you're gearing up for another one...or am I losing my marbles? Isn't it wonderful to have someone to remind you about the lack of bread! I think the one who notices that should get busy making it himself lol!