Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday, catch up/ total udate!

     I updated my totals for March on Saturday night and we are under $120,000.00 on these bills so that feels good.  I realize that we will be under $100,000.00 by next year.  It is still so scary as I have the CC debt also and it seems to never go down.  It is stable so I will be positive about that.

   I have several things that I have been putting off that are really important.  I decided today I would get them done so that the load is off my mind.  I hate paper work more than anything and it all involves paperwork.  But If I am diligent I should be able to knock it out this morning. I will need to run and get photo copies to mail but I also need copies for the studio.  If I can get all this crap done I can face the week and get on with more important things like the upcoming recital, (which is coming too fast).

     I was able to start on my new medication this weekend.  It has about the same side affects as the old, but is in pill form and is taken twice a day.  I keep waiting for bad side affects but so far so good. I am a little sneezy this morning so do not know if it is allergies or the meds which also can cause sinus pressure.  I just hope this new drug will get my SED rates down so the inflammation will subside and I have less PAIN. So tired of being tired and in pain all the time.  I still work and keep going, but it is tough as I would really just like to stay in bed.

     I just turned the heat back on in the house.  We had turned it off last week due to the fact that people were going in and out so much and it was warm out.  But after 5 days it was only 53 downstairs and I was having trouble typing as my hands were so cold.  It is 61 upstairs.  So back on with the heat for a while.

     I was able to get some what caught up in the shop last week, but I still have piles of things to do.  I will have to start getting costumes that cannot be ordered ready so I need to clean out as much as I can to free up space.  Actually the shop is just a mess.  It needs a thorough cleaning.  I might add that to my list today just to get some motivation.

     I was able to get a little done in the yard this weekend, but we did not plant the garden.  I will do that next weekend for sure.  We did however get the chicks out into a pen and they seems happy.  It is a large collapsible cage that we can put away and reuse.  Hubs wanted to build one, but the cost and not having a place to store it, led him to see my idea was better. Only took 35 years (Huh).....;)

     Everything is blooming here and it is so beautiful, I want to get out and enjoy it a little bit.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. I hope this new medication really helps! I've never got to plant our garden either but keeping fingers crossed for good weather this weekend.

  2. Yay for progress on the debt front. Hope your new medication does the trick. I had to turn our heat on again last night. Have had it off for a week, with temperatures here around 70-75 every day. Then this morning we wake up to snow showers and freezing temperatures....Oh well, what are you going to do? Hope you have a great Tuesday!