Saturday, April 26, 2014

Saturday, yard work and studio catch up...

     Worked hard in the yard this morning.  Hubs took the truck to a church clean-up project so I could not get any garbage put in it to take to the dump.  I planted as many flower boxes as I could and also started more things from seed.  I worked off and on cleaning the pond, but it is such a mess out there and really too cold to work in water.  I did get many perennials divided and planted out front and another two large beds weeded.  I am still working on filling in 4 large beds with perennials.  The ones I bought last year in the dead and dieing from home depot have all come back really well and are much larger.  I still drive by home depot every day and look at the rack from my car, if it has new plants I stop and look at them.  It is great to get really nice large perennials for 75 cents to $2.50 and the beds are filling in nicely.  In a few years all I will have to do is weed.  Well you also have to divide sometimes. Hubs needs to spray for me out front.  He was able to mow the lawn which was a big job as it was so long, due to the wet weather.

     There is still so much clean up in the back and side yards it is scary.  I just don't know when I will have time to attack it.  I could get up earlier and get out and work for a couple of hours, but the shop has been so busy and I need the money, plus I have been sleeping later.  I just don't know if I have the energy any more to work in the yard for 2 hours then sew, keep up the house and teach dance and deal with an upcoming show.  The mess will be there when the show is over, right?

     Ballet Mistress came over about 12:30 and we loaded 15 boxes of costumes in the truck and took them to the studio. I guess I am glad now I had not filled the truck with weeds.  We unpacked all costumes and took count to see that we had everything.  I am still waiting on a May 1st ship date on 3 sets of costumes.  I brought everything home that needs work.  So I really only have 4 major costumes to do and then some head pieces and many extras, so I will make a list and start getting things checked off.  Lot's of set and painting to do. Then we came back to my house and made a tentative show CD in three acts.  There is a lot of music to splice, but this way we know what comes next and can flow rehearsals better.

     We were done at 4:30 and I continued to work in the yard/pond/weeding/planting until it was too dark to see.  Then came in to do the dishes and clean the kitchen.  Actually I needed to soak my hands and clean my nail beds, nothing like hot soapy water to do that.

     I was going to update my totals tonight but I cannot find the my bank slip with the numbers, so aggravating because I know I put it some where so I could find it. ( Does anyone else to that?)  I will have to call Monday morning.  I love posting my totals, it is the only thing that makes me feel like I am making headway.  Plus my goal is to pass up Sarah at  "Digging out of our Mess One Spoonful at a time"  We are close to neck and neck on debt and I love a competition.  After all I have been blogging for going on 4 years and have been watching and admiring her.  I estimate we will both be out about the same time and we are going to party!  She is ahead of me by about 4 grand so I put myself in a race.  Please stay ahead Sarah so I have to keep trying.

Well I am off to bed, I have church tomorrow, and music to practice.  Sweet Dreams.



  1. And I've been following both you and Sarah for 4 years too - that really will be something to celebrate when you're both debt-free!! Still too cold for planting around these parts darn it all; I really yearn to get my hands dirty.

  2. I just know that one day I'm going to wake up and check your blog and you will have left me in the dust! But I will be so happy when we both reach the finish line ... party time!!