Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Wednesday, same old, same old....

     When I came home from the studio last night, hubby was home.  He was done with his planting early.  It was really rainy yesterday and I think he got chilled.  We had a hard time warming him up, but finally hot chocolate, warm food, blankets and a nap and he was okay.  He had just been cold all day long and then had a hour ride home in the car and even with the heat on full blast he could not warm up.

     I sewed hard yesterday and I will need to sew hard today also.  The shop is just busy and I am so grateful. Parents are slowly getting their costume checks in and I am waiting for parts on the ones I need to make then I will have 5 that I need to tweak and redo.  I can do that without causing too much stress.

     I need to call the garage door repairman and the plumber.  This is the third time in 4 years we have had the garage door repaired. I have a credit with the plumber so maybe I will get those things done today.

     Hubs just mowed the lawn last weekend and it is so long in back.( we need a goat)  But it is that time of year and now it is too wet to mow so it just grows, and grows.  Our yard is very large and very steep so it is hard to mow.  I cannot do it and I don't know how much longer hubs will be able to either.

Out My Window:  Rainy, cool, need to go check on the chickens.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. I hate feeling cold. It is raining and cool here today....a good day to snuggle up and take a nap!

  2. Haha, we need a goat too :) Our lawn is so long, it's ridiculous. But the weather just refuses to cooperate...

  3. It's been sunny here but with a north wind that cuts right through you! I think a goat would be a very creative solution to your yard problem :) Just get one you don't have to milk!

  4. Any chance that a dance dad can mow the law in exchange for a discount on the lessons? I remember you mention a mom or two doing things at the studo

  5. We need a goat, a cow (for milk and meat), chickens, etc..... Maybe we should just throw our hands up in the air and become farmers. Our weather today is sunny and cold, but I think it is supposed to rain tonight....