Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tuesday, I am freezing!

     It is raining hard outside and that is great!  It is good for the garden and all the new plants, but I still had to go out and check on the chickens in the pouring rain.  Hub's is out tree planting today, so I wonder how that will go.  He left very early and came home after 10 last night.  Usually he checks the chickens in the evening.  I check them in the morning. Well the big chicken was out of water and I had to wield her huge water carrier to the back porch and refill it.  In the process I was soaked through and it gave me the chills.  I am sitting here with a blanket around me and a space heater at my feet, shivering.

     I was able to get the three paperwork nightmares I had out of the way yesterday and also pick up our truck which is now fixed.  I had to take $500.00 out of my meager savings for the deductible and now I have to get it back in, but I will you just wait and see.  Truck looks great but it smells like paint. Picked up the posters for the show yesterday and they look wonderful.  Now I have to get them disbursed.

     I have a ton of sewing to get done in the next two days.  Yesterday was busy in the shop with much new product coming in.  My goal is to have at least 1/2 my savings returned and $100.00 put away in my summer fund by the end of the week.  Everyday I go to the studio there are more checks to pay for costumes, and put them right into the costume account.  I have over $7000.00 to pay back and I will, no more adding debt.

     I had to do hub's work at the bank last night as I knew he would be home so late and would have put in a 16 hour day, and I will have to do the same thing tonight.  So after I leave the studio I will go to the bank.  One thing about doing it myself is that I really appreciate him when he is there to do it with me.

     D#3 called yesterday and she met with her counselor and then said that there is no way she will graduate in 4 years.  I already knew that.  She might take an extra semester or an extra year, but that is okay.  Her health was so precarious through high school and that first year of college we just never expected her to push herself like the other girls did.  She is much stronger now and able to carry a heavier load.  Boy will it be nice when she has her undergraduate degree out of the way.  I just keep telling myself 2 more years you can do it!  I keep telling her that also.

     I can see that I will have to make bread tonight when I get home as we are down to about 1/4 of a loaf.  So I will put that on my to do list.  I feel like I am forgetting something important and it is bugging me.

Have a great and productive day!


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