Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tuesday, frustrated, bad night.

     I am frustrated as I did not get nearly enough done yesterday in the shop.  I suppose I should be grateful as daughter did get out a 3 page info bulletin to parents for me, but I felt like I was swimming up stream the whole darn day.  I hope today is better.   I also could not sleep last night.  I actually think I got to sleep around 3 a.m.  So aggravating, there is nothing I dislike as much as insomnia.  It makes me rather frantic.

     Right now the plumber is here fixing the bathtub.  I should not have a bill as I have a credit with this company. But I had to empty the linen closet and make a big mess in the spare room.  Oh well it will be nice to run a bath in less than 45 minutes don't you think?

     On a better note I already have my $100.00 saved for the week, so anything above and beyond that will go into the house fund.  It is hard to believe that April will be over tomorrow and I have to start to worry about the house payment.  It is always something.

     I went to Joanns yesterday to get some costume parts, boy do I hate that place.  The people that work there are nice, but slow....... I mean minimum wage slow, where they can't get any other job because they are slow and dingy and no one else would hire them.  I am not talking about disabled slow, that you would see at Wal-mart, I have all the patience in the world for that kind of slow, I mean just plain old putzers that have never thought about a way to do something efficiently in their lives.  It took a clerk 1.5 hours to cut my fabric, I about came after her with the scissors.   Okay I am a little cranky today, can you tell?  I did get some good buys which is unusual for Joanns.  They had red t-shirts that I wanted to make apple costumes out of 4/$10.00, also cute red sparkly head bands for $1.00, so with a little green and brown felt we have a costume for under $5.00.  You have to love that.  They also had some nice stretch oil can fabric, again under $5.00 a costume.

     On the costume front, I have a mom assigned to the lion costume.  I also have a mom making the apples and oil can costumes. So I am off the hook there.  That leaves me the scarecrow, the wicked witch and the good witch and lot's of bits and pieces.

     As soon as the plumber leaves I have to go to the banks.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Haha. I can actually relate to the Joann workers... last time I was trying to locate a stitch ripper (thingy...), and after looking for one of the girls for 15min, a young lady (younger than me) was taking SO much time to browse around, and she moved in such a... floaty manner. Like there was no hurry in the world (though I was in a hurry!). Don't rush too much!

  2. How timely...the theme of the day (because of course there has to be ANOTHER story) is how slow and incompetent some of these workers are.

  3. Shoot, now you've gone and reminded me that I have to go to Joann's soon. DS can't sit on his shower chair without padding and the only thing I've found that works is getting some thick foam from Joann's and cutting it to fit. It's time to replace what's there .... but, ugh, I do hate that store. I need to fish for a coupon before I brave the trip. Sounds like you did all right, though. And a credit with the plumber - now that's handy! Hope you get a bath soon :)

  4. Ha, I think Joann's are the same no matter where you live!! That's why I love my Hancock's :)


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  6. Ummm, what's up with Nadia?? Love spell? Anyhoo...there's no excuse for poor service when you work in the SERVICE INDUSTRY!! They should be fired - I'm sure there are other people who would like a job - like say some people with disabilities!! I have students who would work like a son of a gun if they were given the chance.

  7. I know who is Nadia? She turns up every once in a while with a spell, like a good fairy?