Thursday, April 10, 2014

Thursday, okay I am back and not fibbing:)

     It has been prom dress hell here and I have not been able to post.  Sorry....  Hub's mom was a real help and she got me caught up as far as  dresses are concerned.  Now I just have regular work to do today.  I have more dresses but they are not due out until next week.

     I am so glad to be back to somewhat normal.  I will still be very busy with the yard and garden and sewing and the upcoming recital, but it is just nice to be able to get back to a schedule again.  My finances are in a shambles, I have not posted totals for last month or set up an April budget.  I have bills out the ying yang and I need to get organized.  One day at a time right?

     Right now the house is kind of messy, there is laundry to put away from our travels and a big pile of wash waiting, along with the beds that are stripped from company.  I am going to try and ignore it today. Tomorrow I have a photo shoot for the new poster Wizard of Oz.  I want to get the dog bathed and something done about the chicken coop this weekend along with some yard work.  So I have plenty to do around here.

     I just answered the door and rolled my left ankle.  I hate it when I do that.  I fell over hard on it, but it seems to be the side of the foot not the ankle that took the brunt.  Great!  Also I was approved for a new med finally and I can't wait to take it.  It will be sent by mail as Pharmacies are not carrying it yet.  It will replace the shot I take weekly and is a pill form.  This will be nice for travel as the other is such a pain.  Especially if you travel by plane.  It has to be kept cold but not frozen.  In taking to the specialist from the drug company itself it has really worked well for those  who have no other choices.  This scares hubby and daughter as they remember that 10 years ago I had 7 tiers of drugs to run through and now I am at the top tier.  I don't necessarily feel bad, but I am sweating a lot and my SED rates are bad.  I also have (I have to admit quite a bit of pain) so many joints flaring.  The meds I am on although they keep me mobile are not arresting the disease.  Crap!

     So much is blooming here and it is so pretty, I need to find my camera...

Out My Window:  Beautiful spring day, it was 84 here on Tuesday.

Have a great and productive day!  I have so missed this and can't wait to here from everyone.



  1. But lots of work means money to pay the bills, right? :)

    I hope your foot doesn't hurt bad right now! Be careful there.

  2. 84 degress? I call that SUMMER! You are so lucky :) (other than the pains and aches). Snow is in our forecast for Tuesday next week though today is sunny and mild. Hope your trip went well!