Monday, July 6, 2015

Sunday/Monday heading out!

     We had a nice 4th.  It was quiet, I did some sewing on the bridesmaid dresses.  We went to see the fireworks and actually saw a (Likely drugged) woman have a major meltdown at the river docks and it took several police men to subdue her.  Strait jacket, strapped to a gurney screaming her head off for over an hour.  When they finally got her into the ambulance the firework show was at it's finale.  We kept trying to concentrate on the sky but were drawn to the drama in front of us.  Made for an interesting 4th.

     I was able to cut out another bridesmaid dress and it is almost done so 2 down 5 to go.  It actually will take me about 3 hours to complete a dress from cut out to final fitting.  This does not include any bead work.

     We had a nice dinner today almost all from the garden.  Tomato and cucumbers, onion salad all from the garden.  Cabbage, slaw from garden.  Tomato and basil on bread. Fried green beans and small summer squash.  I even made a small container of horse radish  to add to ketchup and make my own cocktail sauce.

     I finally was able to get the ironing done am I am ready to throw away a couple of pairs of my favorite shorts.  Actually these are shorts my sister bought and sent to me about 8 years ago and I love them.  But I sat on an ink pen that was broken and cannot get the stains out.  I also accidentally cut a hole in my favorite dark blue pair.  Some of my summer blouses are really old and stained, but I hate to get rid of them.  We will see. Because I work outside all the time and I really cook from scratch I have a tendency to get dirty.  Need to be more diligent about wearing anapron.  It is just so hot and one more layer is too much.

     We are pseudo packed to leave tomorrow and I can't wait to see my grandson.  It will be so much cooler at the coast and I am looking forward to this.  Triple digits for 12 days now.  This is the first time we will go to the coast without one of our children.  We will meet our oldest daughter and her husband and son but they are staying in a different town than us.  It is 2.5 miles down the beach.  We usually walk this beach at least 2 times a day sometimes more.  It is a 5 mile loop.  I love it, so beautiful.

     I just realized that I did 3 secret shops this week and scheduled another for the day after we get back.  A total of $90.00 when it is paid out.  They just all fell on the same week.  All will go toward the car pay off.

I will be off the grid for about a week.

Take care.  Sissie I should have my phone with me most of the time, so call me.  Or I will call you.



  1. Have a great time! Cooler weather - I would be heaven!

  2. Toodle-oo! I'll admit I'm jealous of the beach stay...bring back some cool weather for me!

  3. I am so happy thinking of you at the seaside! RELAX ENJOY and see you when you get back!!